Author: Lieutenant Commander Nige Tyran
Date: 8 March, 2384
Location: USS Knight, SB901

Nige sat in his quarters reading over yet another PADD of information. Since Nige had become first officer and had been taken off tactical duty, he felt that he no longer fitted in. Sitting in an office, or his quarters as it may be running over PADD after PADD of information wasn't what he joined Starfleet for. Torasu jumped onto Niges desk and began to rub his stubbly head across Niges face. Usually Nige didn't mind, but since he had been shaven, he didn't look or feel to good, so Nige pulled away. He spun round and put his feet up on a chair.

[Commander Tyran, Ensign Jin, please report to the bridge]

*What can he possibly want at this time of night?* Nige thought. He pulled on his shoes and headed for his door. "Computer, deactivate security protocol Tyran alpha lambda 4." The computer blipped and a force field disappeared in front of the door and walked out. Ever since the Protectors had threatened his life, he never sat in a room on his own any more without a force field around every access point. He stepped out onto the bridge and down to the lower level. "You called for me Captain?" he asked standing at attention.

"I did Mr. Tyran. You have an incoming transmission from Starfleet Command, you may take it in my ready room. Dinara is already in there."

"Ok" replied Nige, slightly puzzled. He walked in and found Dinara pacing up and down the room.

"Ahh, your here at last, that screen has been bleeping for ages."

Nige smiled and sat down behind the Captains desk. This is something he'd always wanted to do, but never had the oppurtunity to do until now. He pressed the button and the UFP logo came into view. This then disapperared and was replaced by the image of Admiral Pike.

[Nige, it's good to see you again] he began.

"Same here Admiral. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

[Nige, Ensign Jin and yourself have been reassigned.]

"Reassigned? To where? Why?"

[All very good questions, but ones I can't answer here. I will give you your full missino briefing when you return to Earth.]

"Earth? Thats a long way from here"

[I know Nige, but this mission is critically important and I need you for it.]

"Alright then Admiral, what are the transport arrangements?"

[I believe Commander Kira is returning to Earth in a shuttle craft. You two are to be on it with him]

"Understood Admiral"

[I look forward to seeing you again, Pike out]

"Reassignment? What do you think he could possibly want you for that is of that much importance?"

"I have no idea. My guess would be something to do with the Kelvans or the Protectors, however, I doubt he would want to put me in a situation where I would encounter either of them again, so I just don't know"

"We'd better let Tumock know". The two stepped back onto the bridge.

"Captain, Ensign Jin and I have been reassigned. We will be departing for Earth with Kira"

"I am sorry to here that Nige. That doesn't give us much time"

"I know Captain, but Admiral Pike personally recalled me."

"Well then I guess you'd better be going. Good luck Nige, Dinara"

"Thankyou Captain" they both replied.