"The Return Home"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: 19 February, 2384
Location: USS Ronin

As quickly as the Ronin had disappeared, she now reappeared in federation space at her last known co-ordinates. There were still scattered fragments of debris from the battle three weeks ago, but no sign of federation ships near by.

"Lieutenant McMillan, open a channel to Starfleet Command"

"Channel open Captain" replied McMillan. Ryan stood up from his chair, took a few steps forward and tugged down his uniform. The familiar Starfleet logo appeared on the screen and was quickly replaced with the image of Admiral Ross. This was a welcome sight to all that saw it.

[Captain Evans? What happened to you? The Ronin was officially declared lost fifteen days ago with the Leviathan. Would you like to fill me in on what's happened?]

"I would like nothing better sir, but I would prefer to speak over a secure channel"

[Of course Captain]

"Patch the message through to my quarters Lieutenant" Ryan said as he walked off the bridge.

"Aye sir"

Ryan turned on the small view screen in his quarters and sat down on his bed.

"Ok, Admiral, I can talk now. Basically, this whole experience is down to Q"

[Q? We haven't had any problems with the Q continuum in eight years!]

"Well, we have a new problem with them. She transported us to the Andromeda Cirrius galaxy, threatening that we were to come across an enemy worse than the Borg, which wasn't far from the truth"

[Worse than the Borg? do you think this could signify a new threat to the Federation?]

"I don't think so Admiral. They don't have the technology to get here in a hurry. Or at least if they do, I am not aware of it."

[Who were these people that could be worse than the Borg?]

"Not people Admiral, creatures. Terrible creatures, the likes of which you can't possibly have imagined in your worst nightmares. They were called the Z'terul. What I find interesting however, is that their home planet came up with a Starfleet designation - Moria. We also discovered a Starfleet shuttle on the surface shortly before we were attacked by the creatures. A few of the Leviathans crew members were lost, but this battle wasn't a serious one."

[Starfleet?? In the Andromeda galaxy? That's absurd!!]

"Negative Admiral, if you access the Starfleet database and search for all information pertaining to Moria, you will find, it is encrypted with an Omega Tao access code. Only section 31 operatives have that kind of clearance." Admiral Ross confirmed this with a nod of his head after he failed to access any data on Moria.

[It seems that once again section 31, have gone too far. I'll see what can be done about getting this information unlocked here on Earth. Meanwhile, plot a course for Starfleet Headquarters, You will be required to attend a meeting about this when you get here understood?]

"Understood Admiral. Ohh, one more thing Admiral, we have two extra passengers on board with interesting stories to tell. One is Vulcan and was formerly a Starfleet officer. The other is Human" Ryan replied. The look on the Admirals face became one of even more intrigue.

[Make sure they are still with you when you reach Earth. Don't let anything happen to him]

"I have given him a starfleet commision at rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade as he had before he left. He is currently my chief of security.

[Are you sure thats wise?].

"He seems trustworthy Admiral, and unfortuanately, the Ronins only loss in was Lieutenant Benosk, my chief of security."

[Very well, Ross out.] The view screen went blank and Ryan fell back on his bed and sighed. He rubbed his head and thought for a minute.

"Lieutenant McMillan, set a course for Earth, maximum warp" Ryan said tapping his comm. badge.

"Aye sir" with that, Ryan picked up a PADD and started to prepare the information from the last few days.