"Back Onboard"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: 19 February, 2384
Location: USS Ronin

"Sular, we are all back onboard" Ryan said over his commbadge. "Release docking clamps and set course away from the ship"

[Aye Captain. Its good to have you back sir]

"Its good to be back Lieutenant. Speaking of which", he said turning to McMillan. "I'll be needing those pips back now" he smiled.

"Of course Captain" Trisha said removing the pips and handing them back to Ryan.

"I'll see that you get extra pip i promised you once this battle is over."

"Thank you Captain."

"You two, take Tre'val to sickbay" he said to the two security officers at the air lock.

"Aye sir" they responded.

"Lets get to the bridge." Ryan said heading for the bridge. "Mr. Fenris, you were in Starfleet before you got out here, what position did you hold?"

"Security sir"

"We need a new chief od security, do you feel up to it?"

"Of course Captain, although I am not familiar with either this class of ship, nor her computer systems."

"Don't worry, it's easy enough to pick up. I can understand also if it may be slightly hard for you, filling in Benosks old position"

"I am a Vulcan sir. I show nor feel remorse.

"Of course not." The bridge doors slid open and Ryan McMillan and Fenris stepped out and to their respective stations.

"Welcome back Captain" said McQueen

"It's good to have you back Captain" added Sular.

"Thank you gentlemen. It's good to be back." Ryan, glad to be back in his chair leaned forward and looked at the view of the Proletarian ship on the view screen. "I assume we have a way to destroy that thing?" he asked.

"We have antimatter mines placed at strategic points all aboard their ship. I can detonate them on your order Captain" McQueen replied.

"Lieutenant McMillan, do you wish to do the honours?"

"Of course Captain" she said with a small grin. "Mr. McQueen, detonate the mines." The entire crew looked to the view screen where the Proletarian ship began to explode. Explosions shot out of breaches all over the hull and it eventually all exploded in one huge ball of fire.

"McQueen, what is the current position and status of the Leviathan?" Ryan asked.

"They are about a lightyear away under heavy fire from what look to be Z'terul ships sir. From the looks of things, they seem to be getting the worst of it."

"McMillan, get us there now!"

"Of course Captain, course laid in"