"The Second Escape"

Author: Lieutenant Ryan Evans
Date: 19 February, 2384
Location: Proletarian Vessel

Ryan sat in a corner of the bridge behind the large Proletarian Captain who sat in his chair and said nothing. So far, Ryan had not allowed his thoughts to betray him. He had been thinking of home, a small town called Milford Haven on Earth. A beautiful town, almost untouched by modern technologies and a sea breeze that makes it all seem somehow 'perfect'. The Proletarians had surely been reading Ryans mind, but he didn't care. He knew that he was soon going to be killed, most likely in the same way as Benosk, but at this point he didn't really care anymore. He knew that McMillan wouldn't surrender the Ronin. She had all the makings of a true command officer. He also knew that if he did get back, he would be faced with never getting home again.
~ Five minutes left human. Then you die ~

* I would rather die. My crew will never surrender to you! *

~ They all ready have I'm affraid. Your ship is docked with us now. It is only a matter of time ~

"OK, I can't order you back to the Ronin." Tricia said defeated "Let's go find the Captain. The rest of you are my crew, so get back to the Ronin NOW."

The crew of the Ronin obliged and took Benosks body back with them.

"If the Captain isn't being held here, where else would they keep him?" McMillan asked

"The only other place would be on the bridge." replied Fenris. "The Captain would be able to keep an eye on him there."

"I guess we're going to the bridge then" said McMillan. "Who knows the way?"

"I know" replied Fenris. "I was what you call Captains Yeoman. I made frequent trips to the bridge,"

"Lead on then Mr. Fenris."

The four left the science lab and headed up toward the bridge. The mistake that Ryan and Benosk had made.

~ Tell me human, are you affraid of death? ~

* If it means I don't have to spend the rest of my life working as your slave, then I welcome it *

~ You don't have long to wait now my friend. ~ The Proletarian stood and walked over to a wall compartment. He took out a small vial of liquid. The same that he had given to Benosk. ~ Two more minutes and you die like your friend ~

"This is it" stated Fenris as the crew walked up to a large door. "This pad will open it. Luckily, a hand print is not needed. Shall I open it?"

"By all means" replied McMillan.

Fenris activated the switch and the door shimmerd away in front of them. Fenris and Tre'val stood to each side of McMillan unarmed. Klara stood just behind McMillan. Trisha took a few steps forward as the Proletarian spun in his chair to look at them. Trisha glanced over and saw Ryan sitting on the floor.


"Trisha" he said gettin up, but he was held back by an invisible force.

"He isn't going anywhere and neither are you" said the Proletarian. The door shimmered closed behind them again. Fenris fiddled with the control pannel but couldn't reopen it.

"Open the door and let the Captain go" ordered McMillan raising her phaser rifle at the Proletarian

"No" was the prompt reply. Trisha squeezed the trigger and a ball of energy fired from the rifle stopping just before it reached the Proletarians face. The Proletarian then tilted his head and sent the shot straight back at Tre'val who fell to the floor. "I wouldn't try that again if I were you" said the Proletarian.

"He's dead" said Fenris checking over Tre'vals body.

"We will never be your slaves!" shouted McMillan

"You now have no choice" said the Proletarian. With another tilt of his head, Trishas rifle rose from her hand and was placed on the floor at the other end of the bridge.

"We do have a choice" responded Klara stepping forward. She too tilted her head and the Proletarian screamed out in pain. Klara continued to glare emotionlessly at him as he fell to the floor clasping his head with his hands. She momentarily glanced at Ryan and gave him a quick smile and then returned her attention to the Proletarian.

~ You can move now Captain ~ she said.

Ryan stood and picked up the rifle which had been placed close to his feet. He walked over to where the Proletarian was lying, took aim and fired a single shot into his head.

"Captain?" questioned McMillan

"Revenge... Now, shall we leave?"

"Of course, we have to be out of here in four minutes otherwise, Sular leaves and blows up the ship."

"We'd better get going then" said Ryan helping Fenris pick up Tre'vals body.