"Rescue (Part 1)"

Author: Commander Tricia McMillan
Date: 19 February, 2384
Location: USS Ronin

The newly (If temporarily) promoted Commander sat at the controls of the escape pod, trying to work them all out. So far, she had managed to drop the shuttle from underneath the Proletarian Battle cruiser and get some of the secondary systems online.

"Can we see outside." Tre'vel asked, realising that the cockpit was infact an enclosed space, with no windows.

"Sure." Tricia replied and the whole upper half of the cockpit became transparent.

"Commander, we have a problem." Fenris exclaimed, pointing in the direction of the Ronin. "I think they're about to attack us."

"Can we get a message across, tell them it's us." Fenris asked.

"There's too much interference." Tricia replied.

"They're firing at us Commander." Fenris again exclaimed.

Just in time, the shields on the shuttlecraft came up, blocking the phaser blast.

"That was real close." Tre'vel remarked.

"Hang onto you seats boys, were moving off" Tricia said, having finally started to get the hang of the controls.

Then the shuttle started to move, slowly at first, then faster and faster until suddenly they went into warp. The Ronin followed, still firing her phaser cannons.

"Why are we running, those are your own people remember." Tre'vel said as another barrage of phaser fire hit the shuttle shields..

"And if you hadn't noticed, they are firing on us. We either stay a 'sitting duck', until our shields are gone or we can escape to safer ground." Tricia explained. "If we can get beyond the Proletarians jamming range, then we may be able to signal out."

Another hit on the shields shook the small vessel. "That felt like it hit the hull." Tre'vel said nervously.

"Our shields are almost gone, it's now or never." Tricia said.

"Ronin, this is Tricia McMillan. Cease firing, we are the one's in the escape pod. Do you read. Ronin this is McMillan, cease firing."

Aboard the Ronin..

"Commander, we're receiving a message. It's from Ensign McMillan. She's the one aboard the pod, not the Proletarians. We must cease fire." Sular said.

"Do sensors show any humans aboard that pod." Heim asked.

"We still can't penetrate the hull, we don't know how's inside." McQueen said. "We must cease fire and check it out, we could be killing our own people."

"NO. It's a trick, a recording of her voice, keep firing." Heim said rising from the Helm position.

"I'm sorry Commander." Sular said, raising his phaser and firing at the Commander.

Like a stone, the Commander fell to the floor with a thud.

"McQueen, take over at the Helm." Sular said. "This is Lieutenant Sular, I have assumed control of the Ronin from Commander Heim on medical grounds."

"McQueen slow us down." Sular said. "This is Lieutenant Sular. Ensign McMillan, we are reducing power. Prepare for transport."

[This is McMillan. We have three passengers aboard, one human and two Vulcan, beam me directly to the Bridge. Have my passengers beamed directly to sickbay, to be checked out by the Doc.]

"When you're ready Ensign". Sular replied.

[Cutting engines now.]

The escape pod slowed down and came to a stop.

McQueen brought the Ronin into transporter range.

"Ready to transport, now". Sular announced.

Commander McMillan appeared on the Bridge. "McMillan to sickbay, have our passengers beamed across safely."

[This is Doctor Jin. They are here and all three are fine.]

"Good. Once you've checked over our two Vulcan passengers, would you please have them report to the Bridge."

Tricia looked around and noticed the dishevelled state of both Sular and McQueen. She then noticed Commander Heim laid out on the floor, "Is someone going to get Mister Heim removed to the Brig."

Just as she said it, two security crewmen arrived and picked up the unconscious Commander.

"Thank you gentlemen." Tricia said as they left dragging Heim with them. "OK. What was it Captain Evans said I had to do. Oh that's right. Mister Sular, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like you to relinquish your command of the Ronin over to me."

"But you're only an Ensign" Sular replied.

"Look again, Mister Sular." Tricia said, pointing at the additional pips on her collar. "They're on loan from the Captain."

"I'm sorry Commander, of course. The Ronin is yours." Sular replied apologetically.

"Don't apologies, I didn't ask for this promotion, but it was the only way I could relieve Commander Heim. However, I see someone had already done that for me. I'll not ask who." Tricia replied with a smile.

*They're accepting my authority. I'd expected at least some resistance. Hold on Captain, we're coming.*

"Just out of interest Commander, Where is the Captain and the Leiutenant ?" McQueen asked.

"They're still aboard the Proletarian vessel, there wasn't room for everyone to get off in the pod." Tricia explained "So our task is still not finished."

Just then a security officer arrived on the Bridge, followed by Tre'val and Fenris.

"Everyone, could I please introduce our two saviours, Mister Tre'val and Mister Fenris." Tricia announced "Would either of you have any idea's about how we're going to rescue the Captain and Lieutenant Benosk." she asked the two Vulcans.

"We should be able to tap into their neural inhibitors, at least we could find out where they are located. It might be difficult for you to transport them though." Tre'vel said.

"If you wouldn't mine, give the information to Mister Sular, between the two of you I'm sure you can find a way." Tricia said to Tre'vel, pointing towards Sular. "Mister McQueen, would you like to return to your post."

"Of course Tri.. Commander." McQueen said, rising from the Helm position.

"OK. What's our status ?" Commander McMillan asked, taking the now vacant Helm seat.

"Before we started our chase of the shuttle, the Proletarian shields were down. For some reason their engines were inoperable, you wouldn't know why would you Commander ? Sular asked.

"Not a thing, must have run out of gas I guess." Tricia replied, with a smile on her face. "Weapons."

"Shields are regenerating back to 100%, all phaser banks are fully charged and we have eight antimatter mines ready to launch."

"Then I guess we're ready for round two." Tricia said, setting a heading back to the Proletarian vessel.