"A Brave Sacrifice"

Author: Lieutenant Ryan Evans
Date: 19 February, 2384
Location: Proletarian Vessel

The two Lieutenants made their way through ths ship. It took a while as even though the Proletarians were clearly an advanced race, they had no form of transport such as turbolifts on their ship. They still relied on stairs and ramps. The two made it to a large hallway with a door at the end of it.
"Think this is it?" asked Benosk

"Could well be" said Ryan "Weapon ready?"

"Ready". The two stood back to either side of the door as Ryan pressed the release switch. The door dematerialised and with the weapons created by the two Vulcans, Benosk and Ryan jumped in and shot down two Proletarians each. Another three got up and charged Ryan and Benosk. Ryan shot down one as the other jumped him. Benosks weapon jammed and he got jumped too. The two Proletarians pulled up the two Starfleet officers and held them steady. The chair in the center of the room spun round and sitting in it was one of the largest humanoids Ryan had ever seen. He was definately Proletarian, but mauch larger. He was at least 8'3" and must have weighed at least twenty-three stone! He got up and walked towards Ryan.

"What do you want with us?" demanded Ryan.

"You are in no position to ask questions" it replied in a quick deep voice. "You have been captured to serve the Proletarian empire. You and the woman would have spawned a new race of slaves. We toook him out of interest for anatomical study. But it seems, you don't like to stay in captivity. Similar to the previous members of your species that we have encountered. Now with the woman gone and no way to bring her back... you will be executed, but not before torture." He glanced over at Benosk and walked towards him. "You're two anatomies are quite different. This one will be much more resiliant to this torture than you, but as a sample of what you will be getting, I will administer it to him first. It should also be torture enough for you to sit and watch it happen if you show as much compassion as the rest of your species." Ryan struggled to get free, but the Proletarian was too strong. Benosk began franticly trying to get loose, but couldn't break the grip either. The Proletarian walked over and grabbed Benosk by the chin. He forced open his mouth and poured a clear liquid down Benosks throat. "Place them together in a cell." The Captain ordered. Ryan and Benosk were taken away and placed back in their original cell.

*What now?* thought Ryan, *Without our guides to this ship and the Proletarians, we have no way of finding a way out of here. Now we're right back to square one again. Except this time Benosk has had some sort of drug introduced to his system that will most likely kill him because of my suggestion to assualt the bridge.* Ryan looked down on Benosk who was lying on the floor shivering. His eyes were blood shot and were frantically darting back and for. The pigment in his skin was changing to a dark blue and he was dribbling uncontrolably a white liquid all over the floor. From what Ryan could see, all his motor skills had gone and he was in extreme pain. *Damn it how could I have been so stupid to attack the bridge!! I mean, what would it have achieved, the ship is useless anyway, we can't control it with the damaged circuitry*. Benosk suddenly started shuddering violently as if he was suffering from a severe epileptic fit. Ryan got down on his knees and pulled Benosk to the wall and propped him up. Ryan had almost no medical training and had no clue on what to do in this situation. "Ben, I don't know if you can hear me right now, or even if you know who I am. But I promise you this. I won't let you die. Not like this. By now, Commander McMillan should be back on the Ronin and should be working on a way to get us out. When we get out, then Doctor Jin will do all she can for you." Benosk did nothing but continued to shake. "Ben, can you hear me at all? If you can understand me, then at least give me a sign?" Benosk did nothing. Ryan stood up and began to pace back and forth. *Would a life of slavery really have been that bad if it meant sparing Benosk from this torture. What am I saying, I couldn't be father to a race of humans destined to be slaves!! If only I hadn't suggested attacking that damned bridge, then Benosk would most likely still be alright.* Ryan jumped around as Benosk groaned. Benosk reached out his hand and Ryan went down to help. "Ben, are you feeling better at all?" Benosk nodded his head in agreement, "You heard all I said before?" Benosk nodded again. "I meant everyword of it. We are going to get you out of here." Benosks eyes shut and his arm went limp. "Ben?" asked Ryan checking for a pulse. He felt none. He began panicking and listened for breathing. There was none. "Ohhh no... what have I done?"

~Terrible isn't it? To loose someone under your command. Especially like that~ With the emitter used to conceal Ryans thoughts removed, the Proletarians could now speak to him again.

"Listen you bastards! I'm going to make you pay for this!"

~I would like to see it happen. Your laughable threats can't intimidate us. We control the ship and you are our prisoner. We can revive your friend and give him life once more, if you order your ship to stand down and all your officers to transport themselves here to be taken back to your new home~

"Very well, it's a deal." said Ryan. "I will need access to your communications system."

~Very well. I shall send one of my officers for you now~