"Follow That Cab"

Author: Commander McMillan
Date: 19 February, 2384
Location: USS Ronin

"It's decision time Sular!. Save the Captain's life or answer to me once I'm done with this piece of shit that calls himself a Starfleet officer".

Sular pulled his phaser and aimed it at both officers. "Now do I have to fire and take command. Or do I just wait until you knock yourselves unconscious."

Heim and McQueen stopped their fighting and looked at Sular.

"You'll not fire" McQueen said.

"Wanna bet " Sular replied setting the phaser to wide beam.

"OK." Heim said backing away from McQueen.

*I'll deal with you later McQueen* Heim thought.

"Now if you two Neanderthals have finished can we get back to the job in hand. Or do I have to call for Security to throw both of you in the Brig. If we didn't need every pair of hands, that's exactly what I would do." Sular said. "Doctor Jin. We require your services on the Bridge."

"Look Commander, something's just dropped from underneath the Proletatrian vessel. It looks like some sort of shuttle, but it's not moving off." Ensign Jones announced from the Helm.

"Any weapons detected ?" Heim asked moving Jones aside.

"We can't tell, the main vessel is still jamming our sensors." Sular replied having returned to Tactical.

"It could be an escape pod or maybe a bomb of some kind, target it anyway, if it is a bomb then when it explodes it will take the main vessel with it. If it's an escape pod, goodbye Proletarians." Heim remarked.

"Look Commander, it's starting to move away, accelerating fast. It's trying to escape." Sular exclaimed.

"Then I guess it was an escape pod after all. Let's get after it, divert all auxiliary power to the engines." The Commander ordered.

"But Commander, what about the Leviathan ?, we can't just leave them to fight both the Proletarians and the Zeirg alone." Sular exclaimed.

"We follow the pod, target the engines. Is that clear Lieutenant." Heim replied.

"Understood" Sular replied.

The Ronin turned and headed off in the direction the escape pod had taken.

"Commander, the Leviathan is hailing" Sular announced.

"Ignore it." Commander Heim replied.

"Commander !" Sular replied.

"IGNORE IT. That's an order." Heim replied.

Meanwhile .. onboard the Levithan.

Captain, the Ronin has broken off her attack on the Proletarian vessel and is pursuing a smaller vessel that was released.

*What is Commander Heim doing ?* Devore thought.

"Open a channel to the Ronin." The Captain ordered.

"Channel open." Lt. Gordon announced from the Operations station.

"Commander Heim, this is Captain Devore. Break off your pursuit and concentrate on the main Proletarian vessel. That is a direct order."

"Nothing Captain. The signal is being received but they are ignoring your hail." Lt. Gordon replied.

"We don't have time for this." Devore said "Commander Heim this is your last chance, break off your pursuit or face the consequences."

Devore turned and looked at the Lieutenant at Ops.

"Nothing Captain." Lt. Gordon answered.

"Captain, The Ronin has gone into warp." Chief Shale announced from the Helm.