"A Rescue Attempt Or An Insane Rampage?"

Author: Commander Benjamin Heim
Date: 19 February, 2384
Location: USS Ronin

"Commander, Captain Devore is hailing us again" called Sular.

*What the hell does this prick want now?* Heim thought. "On screen!" The familiar face of Captain Devore appeared on screen. "Wha..."

"Shut up and listen to me! I don't care if you don't like me, but you do what I tell you! Now I want you to take a look at the ship coming at mark 193. That distortion cloud behind it is actually a cloaking field of some sort. We are about to be attacked!" Devore sardonically said.

*What the hell?? - Bull shit!* "We have no evidence of that captain!"

"Well commander. You just do what you are doing. You concentrate on getting your crew back and don't worry about that small fleet coming this way. Then afterwards I want you to talk to me. Devore out."

*Thats if this an afterwards you hopeful piece of shit!* "Mr. Sular, are the weapons systems on the Proletarian ship still online?"

"Yes Commander."

"Great! A fight! I love it!" Heim said with an evil smile growing on his face. "Ensign McCloud, you are relieved" said Heim stepping forward to take the helm. "Time to intercept Mr. Sular?"

"23 seconds sir."

"When we're in range, fire at will! Get those shields down!"

"Commander" interrupted Ensign McCloud "With all due respect, this ship isn't going anywhere. It is dead in space. Would it not be a better idea to aid the Leviathan against that fleet of ships before we tackle this ship."

Heim turned, and looked at the young ensign. He was sweating again, and this time he knew his head was as red as his uniform. "Return to engineering ensign. Your out of your depth here" he said trying to remain calm.

"Logic would dictate that..." Heim jumped from his seat and pinned McCloud against the bulkhead.

"I don't give a shit about logic Ensign!"

"Commander, the Proletarian ship is firing on us!" shouted Sular as the ship rocked. "We need you at the helm!"

"Return to engineering Ensign" said Heim releasing Link. He ran back to his station and began to pilot the Ronin once more. "Evasive pattern Omega two!" he cried

On the Proletarian ship, the prisoners rounded another corner. The ship shook violently again, and again.

"We're definitely under attack" said Benosk. "Theres no doubt about it"

"Do you think it could be your vessel?" enquired Fenris.

"It could well be my friend" responded Ryan. "Any ideas as to why we haven't encountered any Proletarians yet?"

"I think its safe to assume that they are more interested in the battle at hand to worry about us at the moment" replied Tre'val"

"Commander, they're shields are almost down!"

"What about ours?"

"Still at 76% sir"


"They're shields are down sir"

"Prepare the antimatter mines!"

"Commander!! The Captain is still on the ship! They're shields are down, lets beam out our crew first!"

"Mr. Sular, whos in charge here??? READY THE MINES!"

"That will destroy the ship Commander"

"DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM FOLLOWING ORDERS???" said Heim standing from his seat once more

"You look like your going to explode mate" came another voice. Heim and Sular turned to find Lieutenant McQueen standing at the back of the bridge.

"Return to your post Lieutenant!" ordered Heim


"Excuse me??"

"I said No!"

"You dare defy me!!"

"As far as I am concerned, you are no longer fit to command and as the highest ranking officer left, I am ordering you to stand down!"


"No" replied McQueen walking up to Heims face and grabbing him by the uniform. "If you weren't a Starfleet officer..."

"Then you'd what?"

"Then I'd sort this out the old fashioned way"

"By all means be my guest" said Heim throwing a punch at McQueen hitting him square in the face.

"You broke my nose you bastard!" cried McQueen feeling the blood pour from his nose. He punched back at Heim and the two started fighting. Sular stood in amazement at what he was seeing. The ships commanding officer and the chief engineer brawling on the floor of the bridge... It was certainly out of the blue to say the least! "Sular, beam the crew of there"

"Sular, i am the higher ranking officer! Blow the ship!" shouted Heim as he took another blow to the face from McQueen.

"It's decision time Sular! Save the Captains life or answer to me once I'm done with this piece of shit that calls himself a Starfleet officer!"

"I'm scanning for the crews life signs now, I have a lock! Energising now! I beamed over another two Vulcans and a human as well" At this point Heim had been almost beaten into unconsciousness, so McQueen gave him a final blow to the head while placing his foot behind his legs to put him off balance. Heim fell to the floor, and didn't get up again.

"What the hell has been going on here?" asked Ryan walking onto the bridge. Benosk and McMillan followed staring in amazement at what they saw.

"Detonate those mines Mr. Sular" ordered McQueen

"Aye sir" said Sular

"Care to explain yourself Lieutenant??" said Ryan pointing to the unconscious Heim on the floor. As the Proletarian ship exploded on the view screen.

"I will Captain, but not right now, The Leviathan needs a hand. Mr. Sular" said McQueen. Sular knew what to do and switched the view on the screen to show the Leviathan fending off the ships that were attacking it.

"Stations everyone" shouted Ryan realising there were more important things at hand. "Someone get that mess off my bridge" he said referring to Heim. "Benosk open a channel to the Leviathan."

"Channel open Captain" The image of the Leviathans bridge, which was not looking in too good a shape appeared on the view screen.

"Need a hand Mark?" grinned Ryan.

[Of course. Ryan, its good to see your back. May I just ask the status of Commander Heim?]

"I have no idea what happened, but I arrived on the bridge to find him in a crippled heap on the floor bleeding from nearly every orifice!"

[Sounds like, he got his just deserts] laughed Devore.


[When this is over, we need to talk about him. Until then, come to co-ordinates 345 mark 7 and get this ship of our six! Devore out]

"You heard the man. Lieutenant McMillan. Bring us into position, Lieutenant Sular, fire at will!"