"Catch Up"

Author: Commander Benjamin Heim
Date: 17 February, 2384
Location: USS Ronin

"Suggestions people...?" The room was filled with blank faces "Anyone....?"

"I'd feel a lot safer if we could seal that door behind us so that no Proletarians could get in."

"Is there anyway to do that Fenris?" Ryan asked.

"I would assume so, I am not sure how though."

"I can take a look Captain" McMillan said

"Do it! Benosk and I will watch the door while you and Fenris work."

"Aye Captain. Right, lets see...." she said getting to work. "Do you have any access codes Fenris?"

"I am afraid I only have level 6 clearance, that's the lowest."

"Its a start. Get me past these security protocols"

"There, done it."

"Great, right, I'm in to the main computer. Ok, I can shut the door and keep it locked, however, The Proletarians maybe able to break through the encryption code I am setting up"

"Wow, ensign, I never new you were so talented with computers" remarked Ryan. Tricia blushed, "Thank you Captain, I took a few lessons at the academy"

"Well, they sure seem to have paid off" added Benosk.

"Right, stand back!" Ryan and Benosk stepped back from the door as it reappeared in place. "Captain, come and look at this" McMillan called.

"What is it Ensign?"

"These are the command paths that control the six different master control stations all over the ship. If I can cause an overload in the neural circuitry controlling the other five consoles, they will be useless. We would have control and the Proletarians would be able to do nothing."

"Wont they be able to do the same to this console?"

"I'm not sure, the schematics of the ship don't seem to show anymore computer consoles apart from these master controls. The ship seems to be mainly controlled telepathically."

"Which means that they could easily short out the neural circuitry for this console with their minds. They wouldn't be need computers."

"What if we were to stop the ship, decloak it, and disable all shields and weapons. We could then fry the neural circuitry ourselves to every part of the ship to stop the Proletarians blocking us out" said Ryan

"I could try Captain, no promises that it would work though."

"Trish, anything's better than sitting here waiting for them to find us" added Benosk

"True, I'll see what I can do, this may take a few minutes."

"OK, do it. Once this is done, the Proletarians will know where we are, are there any weapons lockers aboard the ship?"

"The Proletarians have no need for weaponry due to their psychic powers. However, Tre'val, Klara and I have weapons in our quarters as we are expected to do our part, in case something like this ever happened."

"Ok, as soon as McMillan is finished, we head for the weapons. Tre'val, you Benosk and I will take the weaponry. Fenris, you and Ensign McMillan, see to Klara. We'll keep the Proletarians off your back. How's the hacking coming ensign?"

"Almost ready to shut down the other master consoles Captain."


"Captain" interrupted Fenris. "Even though we have the jamming devices to stop the Proletarians immediately effecting us, there is nothing to stop them from blowing a hole in the bulkhead or throwing large objects at us."

"We'll just have to get at them first" said Ryan with a grin.

"Ready now Captain."

"Do it!" McMillan hit the button and almost immediately the room went darker and lights began to flash. Most likely they're red alert status. McMillan worked frantically in the dark to disable the ships systems.

"Cloak is offline Captain, Propulsion is offline... Damn! I'm locked out, I can't get weapons and shields down."

"You've done all you can Lieutenant. Lets go!"

"Hold on, I need to fry the rest of the circuitry.... Lieutenant sir?"

"You heard right, if we get out of this, it will be cause of you, so I think you deserve it."

"Thank you Captain. There, all circuitry id fried, the ships dead in space!"

"Lets role!" said Benosk as the group rushed out of the door.


"Commander!!! The Proletarian ship has dropped out of warp and decloaked!!" called Fitzgerald from his station.

"Time to intercept?"

"Six minutes sir"

"Mr. Sular, I want all power to phasers and shields. Is the Ronin still carrying anti-matter mines?"

"Yes sir, we have a full compliment of twenty."

"Good, we may need them."

"Sir, receiving a hail from the Leviathan" Fitzerald interrupted.

"On screen"

[Commander, we have the Proletarian ship on sensors]

"I know, we have it too Captain! The Ronin does have sensors of her own."


"Ever since we've got here we've had to rely on the Leviathan, your sickbay, your briefings, your repair crews your decisions!! Frankly I don't know how Captain Evans can stand it!"

[Commander Heim, if you weren't the only person on that ship near capable of performing this mission, I'd have a replacement sent over]

"That will not be necessary Captain" said Heim with gritted teeth.

[Remain on course, five minutes to intercept. And commander, when this is over, you, me and Captain Evans are going to have a talk about your performance. Devore out!]

"Of course, Captain!" said Heim with a tone of disgust.

"What do you have against Devore anyway?" asked Fitzgerald.

"The man is to obsessed for control. I cant stand him, Captain Evans has a far better service record than Devore, Devore gambled, drank and womanised. Captain Evans has had a near spotless record and has had far more experience in tactical situations on the Zambezi and Britain. Ryan by all rights should be out here."

"But that is not the case Commander, Devore has the better condition ship, Starfleet protocol states that the Captain of the better off ship takes command over the other in a situation like this." added Sular

"Starfleet protocol?? Starfleet?? where the hell is the nearest Starfleet outpost?? a couple of hundred years away, that's how far!! If Ryan was in command, we would have been on our way home a long time ago!"

"Commander, is there something wrong?" There is nothing wrong Ensign" Heim snapped.

"Commander, there must be something wrong, I have never seen you act like this before!"

"Ensign Fitzgerald you are relieved of duty!"


"Get the hell off the bridge Ensign!!!"

"Yes Commander" replied Fitzgerald through gritted teeth.

"Ensign McCloud, report to the bridge"

[On my way Commander]

"You got a problem Lieutenant??" said Heim, noticing Sular staring at him.

"No, Commander, no problem." Heim sat back and rubbed his forehead, he was sweating like crazy and he was most likely as red in the face as his uniform. "Three minutes to intercept Commander"