"Installing Benosk's Dampening Field"

Author: Ensign Link McCloud
Date: 17 February, 2384
Location: USS Ronin

"McCloud!! Get your ass over here!" cried Lieutenant McQueen.

"Sir, I would appreciate it if you didn't refer to my 'ass' as a seperate object"

"Hahahahahaha!!! Vulcan logic cracks me up!! Here, get your 'ass' up to the bridge with these mobile dampening fields for the crew." said McQueen still laughing. Link picked up the mobile emitters and gave McQueen an evil look.

"Yes Lieutenant, right away"

"Make sure Commander Heims is set to produce a stronger field as he is more suceptible to the Proletarians"

"Yes sir"


"Here you go everyone, I have your mobile emitters to block the Proletarians telepathic emitters" Link distributed them around the bridge crew

"Thank you Ensign" said Heim "You sure this will protect me? If something happens to me, then I dont know what will happen... No one else onboard has command experience..."

"It will work Commander" said Link tweaking a few buttons on Heims emitter. "I must get back to engineering"


"Ahhh, McCloud, get your ass over here and give me a hand with this emitter"


"Relax McCloud, its only a bit of fun to liven things up"

"Now help me out here, if we don't get this dampening field operational, then the Proletarians will be able to attack the ships systems."

"Yes sir"