Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: 16 February, 2384
Location: Proletarian Vessel

It had been almost an hour now since Benosk had disappeared and Ryan and McMillan had been sitting in silence. Ryan had been focussing on thoughts not related to anything Starfleet and was thinking of his home back on Earth. McMillan was asleep and Ryan thought that it wasn't a bad idea to pass the time, so fell asleep as well. As the two were sleeping, Benosk and his new found friends returned and placed the thought emitters on the sleeping officers necks.

"Captain! Wake up!" said Benosk shaking him. Ryan opened his eyes slowly and jumped when he saw Benosk standing over him

"What happened to you?" he asked.

"Well", said Benosk sitting down, "I was taken to a medical bay where they were going to do something to me, I dunno what, but it was due to the fact that they can't read Romulan minds. Any way, a Proletarian came in with her" he said pointing to the Human " and began to prepare the examination when these two Vulcans saved me."

Ryan stood up and looked at the Vulcans. "We owe you two a great debt."

"Think nothing of it, we needed to get out of here as more than anyone" said one of them

"What my companion means is that we have been slaves here for a very long time and we needed to get away."

"Your friend doesn't sound very Vulcan..."

"He has not had proper logic training. Out here, there were only a handful of us and no one to teach him properly."

"You mean there's more of you here"

"No, not now. Sit down Captain, this may take a while to explain. Back in the year 2284, the USS Excelsior was ready for transwarp testing. However, due to sabotage and the lack of resources, the ship never entered transwarp. Starfleet were adamant that transwarp travel could still be achieved and decided to try it on a smaller scale. From here on they kept everything classified. in 2286, they had fitted two shuttles with transwarp drives. The pilots were myself, another Vulcan and two Humans. The test went well to begin with, but we couldn't shut down the transwarp drive once it was engaged. We decided that our only option was to let the engines burn out and wait out the ride. Eventually the ships arrived here. We were immediately attacked by the Z'terul and we tried to escape. They captured one of the shuttles and the two Humans beamed onboard our shuttle. We managed to escape. Eventually, we came across the Proletarians. They captured the four of us and enslaved us. We were forced to breed to create slaves for their empire. About 61 years later, the other colonists began an insurrection and were all killed. They used the devices you are using now to mask their thoughts. However, they were all killed. I remained behind and didn't take any part and there fore survived the attack. However, I was then charged with looking after these two as they were but small children at the time. At the time, I did not agree with the others, but now I see that we must escape. It is no longer tolerable to remain slaves. For exactly one hundred years I have been a slave to the Proletarians. No longer will I remain here."

"That's all very interesting, but, won't they be missing you from the autopsy lab?"

"That is a valid point Captain. We must make haste and get to the engine room."

"Why the engine room?"

"Because if we can disable the engines, your ships can catch up with us and hopefully get us off."

"What happens if we run into Proletarians? We don't stand a chance in physical combat!"

"Leave that up to us"

"Ok then, Mr..."

"My name is Lieutenant Fenris. This is Tre'val. The girl is named Klara. Now if we are to escape, we must hurry and hope that your ships will be here on time"