Author: Lieutenant JG Benosk
Date: 16 February, 2384
Location: Proletarian Vessel

Bensok appeared in a large circular room. He was immediately grabbed from behind and brought towards a large table in the centre of the room. He looked at his two carriers and saw that they were Vulcan. Benosk tried to say something, but couldn't.

"Do not worry. We will aid you in your escape" one of them said. "Just play along" The two Vulcans strapped Benosk to a bed and stood back. A door to the side and a Proletarian walked in followed by a human female.

The Proletarian walked over and looked down on Benosk. The human walked up along side and handed the Proletarain what looked like a scalpol with a serated edge. The Proletarian put it to Benosks forehead. Benosk tried to cry out, but again, nothing happened. As the knife was about to cut Benosks flesh, the two Vulcans simultaneously gave the Proletarian and the Human a neck pinch and placed a small device on each of their necks. They fell to the floor. They unstrapped Benosk and lifted him off the table.

"You can speak now" one of them said

"What the hell is going on" demanded Benosk. "And what are those things on their necks?"

"It is a neural device which produces thought wave patterns that can be read by the Proletarians. As far as they know, this experiment is still being performed and that you are in great pain."

"Why aren't you two wearing one?"

"We don't require one as the Proletarians cannot read the Vulcan mind. They have come to place a great deal of trust in us for us to be allowed to walk around the ship unsupervised. You don't need one either as you are a Romulan and they can't read your mind either. That's why you were taken here. As for now, we must be leaving and get you back to your cell. We have two more devices for your two friends. We should all be able to talk freely then."

The two Vulcans walked over and picked up the Human.

"Why did you need to knock her out too?"

"The Proletarians can read her mind, they would know what we were doing. Because of this, she knows nothing of the escape."

"I see"

"Let us depart swiftly. I know the way to the holding cells. We must move quietly so as not to attract attention."

"Although they are great telepaths, they still have eyes and ears" smiled the other Vulcan.