"Proletarian Surprise"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: 16 February, 2384
Location: USS Ronin

"Captain, all aliens have disappeared and the Leviathan has gone into warp"

"Follow them" Ryan ordered.

"Why do you think they went into warp in such a hurry Captain?" asked Benosk

"I have no idea"

"Captain, that Proletarian ship is coming into range now."

"What about the Leviathan?"

"They're not turning round sir"

"Well I guess its down to us. Hold position here and open hailing frequencies"

"No response Captain" replied Heim

"Captain" called Benosk, "come and have a look at these readings. Ryan stepped up and walked over to Benosks console. He looked at the life signs that were being detected on the ship and as well as a couple of hundred Proletarians, there were also two Vulcans and a human. "What do you make of it Captain?"

"Starfleet has been here before, remember that shuttle that Ensign McMillan found. It's possible that other Starfleet ships have been out here and possibly even started a colony."

"Captain!!" called Heim, there is a build up in energy on the Proletarian ship! I think its a transporter of some kind."

"Yellow alert!" called Ryan

"The signals getting stronger Captain" called Heim. He got no response. He turned around to see what was wrong and the Captain was no longer there, nor was Benosk."

"Computer locate Captain Evans and Lieutenant Benosk."

"Is there anyone else missing?"

Heim looked at Sular and McCloud who gave back a blank look.

"Red Alert, all hands to battle stations" shouted Heim still sitting at the helm he flew the ship closer to the Proletarians. "Mr. Sular, fire at will."

"Aye sir - No damage to their shields. Commander, they're moving off... They're gone."

"Damn it!! Hail the Leviathan and tell them that the Captain is missing."