"Defensive Breakthrough"

Author: Lieutenant JG Benosk
Date: 13 February, 2384
Location: USS Ronin - Engineering

After the briefing on the Leviathan was finished, Commander Barker returned with the Ronins crew to work on setting up the dampening field to shield the Ronin from the Proletarians mental abilities. Lieutenant McQueen, now having returned to duty was helping out.

"That should just about do it Commander" said McQueen crawling out of a jeoffries tube.

"Ok, lets see if it works" said Barker tapping some commands into a console. Benosk walked over and peered over Barkers shoulder. "Dampening field coming on-line, power levels seem steady... Looks like we have our defense against the Proletarians." said Barker turning around with a smile.

"I've been thinking" said Benosk, "If it came down to it, and we had to fight the Proletarians in physical combat, it's a well known fact that they could easily overpower us. What if we were to create mobile dampening fields?"

"It's an interesting thought" replied Barker

"I doubt we'd be able to manufacture enough in time" stated McQueen

"Well if we were to give them to key personnel to begin with like the senior staf, and then distribute all that we can to marines and security staff, then we would have a better defense against them"

"McQueen, how many do you think we'd be able to create if we had the Leviathan and Ronins engineering crews working on it together?"

"I dunno, 100 maybe?"

"That would do for a start. We could secure all other non essential personnel in cargobays and use a single dampening field for all of them" replied Benosk.

"Thats a good idea Lieutenant. I'll present your ideas to the Captains" said Barker turning for the ladder. "You two get to work on the specifications."