"A Trap?"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: 13 February, 2384
Location: USS Ronin / USS Leviathan

"Captain, I'm pleased to report that the Ronin has now been completely repaired" said Ensign McCloud as he stood to attention.

"Thank you Ensign. Is the cloaking device working?"

"All systems are operational, including the cloaking device."

"Well done Ensign. You've done a good job as temporary chief engineer"

"Thank you Captain. Do you have any idea when Lieutenant McQueen will be back on duty?"

"He should be able to return later today"

"Captain, priority one message coming from the Leviathan" called McMillan from the helm.

"Lets hear it Ensign"

[Ryan, you may want to head to the Leviathans sick bay]


[Commander Heim is asking for you and has helped us uncover some startling facts]

"I'm on my way Marc. Ryan out." Ryan headed for the door "Benosk you have the bridge."

Ryan materialized on the Leviathans transporter pad where he was escorted to the Leviathans sick bay. Once there he found Captain Devore and Ensign Katts standing beside a biobed which Heim was lying on.

"Whats going on?" asked Ryan

"Captain" began Heim, "I know what the Proletarians are planning!" Ryan looked at Devore and Katts, then back at Heim

"What are they planning?"

"They are coming to capture us! They have no intention of letting the Z'terul get their hands on us, they want us for themselves."

"How do you know this?" asked Ryan again

"It all started from when I fell on the bridge when we approached the planet. I felt so much deceit and evil, and then the pain hit me and it was all blocked out. When I was unconscious in sick bay, I could feel it again, I could hear voices, so many voices... All filled with hatred and despise for the federation. They plan to capture our ships and enslave our two crews." Ryan looked up at Devore and Katts who both looked as puzzled as he was. Devore stepped away and signaled for the other two to follow.

"Assuming what Heim says is true? What are we going to do about it?" Devore asked

"What I'm more worried about at the moment is why Heim didn't remember any of this before."

"I think it may just be a lasting effect of the Proletarians brainwashing"

"Excuse me, brainwashing?"

"Yes sir, it makes sense. It would explain why know one on board the Ronin can remember exactly what happened to them after they passed through the anomaly. I think that as the Proletarians had never before encountered Betazoids, they were not 100% sure how to manipulate their minds. I am therefore guessing that they hadn't completely blocked out Heims memories."

"So let me get this straight, by looking for allies, we have now just found another enemy instead?"

"It would seem that way Ryan. Now that we have figures out that we are being set up, the question is, what do we do about it?"

"I have no idea Marc. My immediate suggestion would be to leave orbit and head back towards the Milky Way as fast as possible."

"But we may come across even greater obstacles on the way home"

"I see your point, but even if we could run for a while, wait till Q shows up again..."

"I'll tell you what, I'll schedule a briefing for 1 hour. Return to your ship and bring along any information and personnel you require"

"Ok, see you in an hour"