"The Proletarians (Part 2)"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: 12 February, 2384
Location: Planet Arial

As the view of the anomaly disappeared, the planet Arial came into view.

"Scan for life Commander"

"Sensors detecting hundreds of thousands of life signs and numerous settlements on the surface."

"Any ships? None that we can see Captain"

"Take us into orbit Commander"

"Captain, we're being hailed. Audio only." interrupted Benosk.

"Lets here it"

[This is the home of the Proletarian people. Approach no further or we will be forced to destroy you.]

"Open a channel Benosk"

"Channel open"

"This is Captain Ryan Evans of the Federation...."



"Captain, they've broken off communications"

"What could they know about the federation?"

"Maybe the federation have been here too. After all, we did find that federation shuttle on Moria" stated Ensign McMillan. Just then the ship was hit by something which made it shudder violently.

"Captain, we're being pulled towards the surface" said Heim. The Ronin was caught in a tractor beam and was rapidly being dragged into the planets atmosphere. "Captain, I feel a bit...."

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know.... my head.... ahhhhh....."

"Computer, activate EMH!"

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency" came the familiar tone of the EMH"

"This mans in pain, do something for him!" The doctor walked over to Heim who was now on the floor holding his head in agony.

"There is nothing I can do here, someone help me get him to sick bay" Ensign Fitzgerald stepped forward and pulled Heim up with the EMH.

"Captain, we've landed said Ensign McMillan who was now at the helm"

[This is Chief Zealot P'rahji of the Proletarian army. You may use your transporters to beam out yourself and two representatives from your crew]

"Not the best way to make first contact" joked Ensign McMillan

"True" added Ryan. "We'd better get out there though. Ensign McMillan, Benosk, you're with me" The three of them walked transported out to the surface where they were greeted by a troop of proletarians. They looked remarkably similar to Borg, only more elegantly constructed. They're original skin wasn't off colour either. It looked almost as if they were only wearing armour, but if you looked closely you could see that the armour was actually a part of them.

"Greetings Captain. I am P'rahji. Welcome to Arial. It has been a long time since we have seen a human."

"We aim to please" joked Ryan "How have you seen humans before? I was not aware that any of my species had traveled this far."

"There have been humans here before, although Betazoids and Romulans have not visited us before."

"How did you know what species we were?" asked Benosk

"It is due to our mental abilities. We know everything about you Lieutenant Benosk, and we know why you have come to us. We also know that your first officer has fallen ill. We apologize for this, but it is unavoidable. It is a result of our intense mental abilities conflicting with his. He will be fine as soon as you get out of range of us."

"In the mean time?"

"In the mean time, I suggest you keep him sedated, he will feel less pain that way."

"So now that we're here, what can you do for us?"

"We know that you have encountered the Z'terul and have not fared well in your first encounter. We know that you seek an alliance or information regarding these creatures. I shall say this on behalf of my people, any enemy of the Z'Terul is an ally of ours" he said with a smile.

"I'm not sure how exactly we need your help rather than to defend ourselves. As you know, for now, we are stuck in this quadrant with no way of getting home."

"We know this too."

"For now we are willing to help you. Go back to your ship and head back to 'Moria' We shall send help soon after."

"Thank you for your time Chief, how do we.. errr...."

"Go back through the gateway" P'rahji said with a smile "We shall see your people soon" he added as he turned and walked back to his troops.

Ryan, Mcmillan and Benosk beamed back to the Ronin, which set a course back to Moria.