"Back Up And On-line"

Author: Lieutenant Elias McQueen
Date: 29 January, 2384
Location: Engineering / Bridge

Lieutenant McQueen stood at the systems control station in main engineering reading the computer read out, he was very happy. For he had restored main power in only one hour and impulse drive in the same time, however Warp drive was off-line as were the weapons systems for the moment. Ensign Eddie Johnson climbed out of the jeffreys tube below control panel that Elias was standing at.

"Damn fine work Ensign." McQueen said helping the ensign to his feet.

"Sir the Weapons should at leas be some what working now." Johnson said in reply. He as McQueen where both very dirty and greasy.

<<>> The Computer sounded off. McQueen grabbed a rag and wiped his hands off and down loaded a few things into a PADD and then left for the bridge.

Upon arriving Elias saw that the bridge was still being worked on in some areas mainly the aft stations.

Ryan was sitting in the Helm area going over some things in the OPS part of the station.

"Captain main power is back on-line impulse power is restored and we have phaser cannon two on-line as well. Warp drive will be going on-line with in the next hour sir."

Ryan stood up and looked at McQueen he was very dirty his tunic was missing, the gold shirt he wore was more of a gray now and the collar was turned down.

"Very well Lieutenant, you've done quite well. Just don't get used to slacking off on regulations when it comes to uniforms. I understand this time. Oh I need to ask you a few things."

"Shoot Captain." Elias said.

"Will a Defiant Class ship go more then 5 years without a major upgrade and can it go more then 45 thousand light years?" Ryan asked and patiently waited.

"Sir it's hard to say we've taken hard damage, if we repair it correctly and conserve our energy, I believe we could sir. Remember a Defiant Class ship is designed to have a 65% storage space available to collect any kind of information."

"All right thanks I'll let you get back to work on the Warp Drive." McQueen, was a little mad at himself for he thought a ship this size couldn't last more then 2 years of hard travel, but he believed he told the Captain what he wanted to hear himself.