"Making Repairs"

Author: Lieutenant Elias McQueen
Date: 29 January, 2384
Location: Engineering

"All right Eddie start the plasma flow no, but remember start it at a steady pace." Lieutenant McQueen said tapping his comm. badge and staring at a monitor that gave the ships plasma flow read out.

"Ahh good to see your hard at work." Captain Ryan said joking a little, in his tone.

"Please sir don't joke the ship has sustained over 40% damage to her engines and over 67% damage to her weapons. I have more then my share of work cut out."

[Okay Lieutenant I've started a 12 psi plasma flow through the Ronin's defensive and Engine power.]

"Very well good work."

Elias started working on a systems belonging to the engines. Ryan picked up a PADD and read it out loud.

"Seven hours till warp drive is fixed, 9 hours before the shields are back to 100% and targeting systems are damaged. Well I'll pull all available personnel to help Lieutenant."

"Fine sir thanks"

"No problem my pleasure and I won't take your tone personally." Ryan said with a smile as, McQueen continued to work on the Impulse drive power couplings.