"Remembering The Dead"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: January 29, 2384
Location: USS Ronin

The battle ended two days ago with a victory for the federation. For now, the remainder of the federation fleet was holding position in the zebra sector. Captain Evans after being released from sick bay on the *Knight* now returned to the *Ronin*

"We are gathered here today to remember those brave officers who lost their lives in combat two days ago. Lieutenant Rinan Solas, Lieutenant Bint and Lieutenant Marc Steele were all brave officers and it was a tragedy to loose them. I only wish I could have gotten to know them better. As for now, the rest of us, who are still alive can only look to the future and hope that things will get better. These three officers would not have wanted us to grieve over them, they would have wanted us to continue with our lives as normal, and with that, we bid them fare well. May they for ever rest in peace." The crew stood to attention and Benosk lifted the small whistle to his mouth and played the standard three tone tune. Ensign McCloud and Lieutenant Sular stepped forward and removed the federation flags from the torpedo casing and stood back as the torpedoes one by one, slowly moved down the launcher. Outside in the vastness of space, the three torpedoes joined many others containing officers who had lost their lives in this conflict. Ryan stepped down "dismissed" he said and everyone filed out of the room after him.

Later that evening:

"Captains Log, stardate 2461085. Repairs to the *Ronin* have been set back as a result of the memorial service today. I decided to let the remaining crew off duty, not that there is much to do on this ship, with no holodeck and only one small mess hall. Repairs will continue tomorrow, hopefully getting warp drive back on line. As soon as we have propulsion systems, we shall set course for DS9 pending our next assignment. I have also received word that there are crew members there awaiting assignment on the *Ronin*, Ensigns Dave Fitzgerald and Daniel Adams a pair of operations officers who should be a welcome addition to this dwindling crew. Now with three more gone, this ship is running with a crew of nine. As for morale among the remaining crew, its not to good. Maybe these two new officers can bring a spark of life back into this crew. In addition, I have given a promotion to Ensign Benosk, who now hold the rank of Lieutenant JG. A chief of security is desperately needed and he performed with distinction in this battle. Ensigns McCloud and McMillan have also earned commendations for bravery. Computer, end log"