Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: January 29, 2384
Location: USS Knight - Sickbay

Ryan slowly opened his eyes and looked around... "Where am I?" he asked slowly getting up

"Your aboard the *Knight* Captain" said Heim standing up. "You were injured in the battle and had to be brought here for treatment after our medical bay was destroyed."

"Its a good job they got you here in time Captain, other wise, you'd have been a goner" said a medical officer scanning him with a tricorder. "I'm Dr. Kira Markos by the way" he added.

"Pleased to meet you Commander" said Ryan "The *Ronin*?"

"As good as can be expected Captain. The bridge and sick bay are completely destroyed and are unusable. Deck 5 lost life support and cloaking device and warp engines are off line."

"The crew?"

"We had three fatalities Captain, you were almost the fourth."

"Who were they?"

"Lieutenant Solas, Lieutenant Bint and Lieutenant Steele sir. We haven't got around to a memorial service yet"

"How did you survive?"

"Lieutenant Tyran and Lieutenant Benson towed us into a nebula where we began making repairs. Lieutenant Tyran then came up with the idea of installing Han'gosian shielding which in effect makes the ship invincible"


"It sends objects and energy that hit it slightly out of phase so that in effect, the weapon disappears and doesn't make contact with the ship. The *Ronin* is still out there now finishing off the fighters. Its having no problem with the shielding. One other thing about that shielding Captain, apparently, on the *Knight*, it could only last about 40 minutes. The *Ronin has been going for a good two hours with the shielding up"

"Let me see the schematics for this shielding?"

"Your in no condition for that now Captain" interrupted Kira, "you need rest, so if you'll excuse us Commander."

"Certainly" said Heim. "The whole crew is happy to have you back Captain"