"Rescuing The Captain"

Author: Lieutenant Tyran Nige
Date: January 29, 2384
Location: Engineering

"Commander, Han'gosian shielding is online. It seems to be interfacing with our systems fine."

"Thank you Mr. McQueen, Lieutenant Sular, take us out of the nebula"

"Yes Commander" Sular tapped away at the make do helm, and the *Ronin* slowly made its way out of the nebula into what was left of the battle. The Jeorri and a lot of federation ships were gone, and what remained were a few skirmishes with Barien fighters. "Commander, looks like we sat most of the battle out" said Sular. "Shall we engage the fighters?"

"By all means Lieutenant, fire at will" Sular brought the *Ronin* into the battle and began targeting fighters.

"Lieutenant McQueen, Lieutenant Tyran, come with me to the bridge, we must try and get to the Captain"

"Aye sir" said McQueen and Nige in unison following Heim up the ladder.

They had to climb to deck 1 through the geoffries tubes as the turbolifts were out of order.

"How exactly did Captain Evans get trapped on the bridge?" asked Nige as he climbed out of the geoffries tube.

"He was transferring command to engineering, but he and our intelligence officer didn't get out in time." The three officers walked up to the bridge door. Mcqueen pulled off a panel and started working on releasing the door. Heim whipped out a tricorder and started scanning the interior of the bridge. "I'm reading one life sign, very faint"

"Medical Team to the bridge" said Nige tapping his comm. badge

"You'll be bloody lucky lieutenant, we only have two medical officers aboard, and internal sensors show sick bay has been destroyed"

"Some of the nebula gas has seeped through the containment fields. I'm reading high concentrations of Surilium. We've got to get him out of there fast"

"I'm working as fast as I can Commander!" responded McQueen

"What's going on?" asked Lieutenant Jin as she came around the corner.

"The Captain is trapped inside Lieutenant, he'll need medical attention."

"Sick bay has been destroyed though sir, Bint is dead too."

"Well worry about all that later Lieutenant"

"Almost got it" said McQueen" the bridge door slid open half way and stopped. Nebula gas flooded out into the corridor.

"McQueen, get rid of this gas!"

"Yes sir" Nige and Heim stepped up to the door and pushed it the rest of the way open. Jodanna ducked underneath and walked over to the Captain. She instinctively pulled out the tricorder and started scanning.

"Commander, pass me that hypospray will you?" Heim ducked down and passed the hypo spray. Nige stepped in and took a look at the hole in the bulk head above *Its a wonder they weren't killed*. He walked over to the body of an officer in a gold uniform. He took her pulse but nothing. He noticed the view screen with the human shaped dent in it and looked back at the Captain.

"It looks like he hit the screen pretty hard, is he going to be ok?"

"He has massive internal bleeding and a broken leg. There's nothing I can do for him here with the sick bay destroyed."

"So that's it? He dies?" said McQueen

"No, if I can get a signal to the *Knight* we can beam him over and get him treated there."

"Do it! McQueen, get back to engineering and contact the *Knight*. jodanna, I want you to come with us to the *Knight* too."

[Commander, we have made contact with the *Knight*. I'm sending the message up to you now]

[*Ronin*, this is the *Knight*, we will be in range momentarily, how many will need to be beamed over?]

"4, directly to sick bay"

[No problem *Ronin*, energizing]