Author: Lieutenant Elias McQueen
Date: January 26, 2384
Location: Bridge

Elias was in his crew quarters on the Ronin which he shared with Ensign Eddie Johnson one of his engineers. Elias was unpacking his bag when the comm. channel beeped. He tapped his comm. badge and waited a few seconds.
[Lieutenant McQueen please report to the bridge by order of Captain Ryan.]

*Well I guess he's going to be chewin me out now about the incident a few days ago. Better late then never.*

McQueen walked onto the bridge there was only a few other officers but the Captain was one of them.

"Sir McQueen reporting as ordered." He stood at attention.

Captain Ryan was sitting in his chair and read a PADD. And then spoke to Elias not screaming mad just in a normal calm voice.

"All right lets introduce ourselves properly this time and try not to end up in a holding cell. I'm Captain Ryan Evans and your as I understand my new chief engineer, nice to meet you Lieutenant."

The two shook hands and gave friendly chuckle and then broke out laughing remembering Ross' face when he walked into the detention area.

"Sorry sir just kind of struck me funny is all."

"Yes it was but we can't allow it to happen again right?"

"Well it's hard to say Captain." McQueen giving a smirk.

*This is now Engineer I've meet before he's more of a Tactical officer.*Ryan thought to himself.