"A Cheap Offer"

Author: Ensign Benosk
Date: 21 January, 2384
Location: Bridge - USS Ronin/Quarks Bar - DS9

The crew of the Ronin had been granted access to the station and given temporary quarters on board. Benosk's shift ended and so he decided to go and explore the promenade. Benosk wandered through the promenade examining the shops until he arrived at Quarks Bar. "Hey bar keep get me a glass of Romulan ale."
"Coming right up. Your a romulan aren't you?"

"Yes. Why??"

"I can tell because a Vulcan would never ask for a glass of romulan ale. I have some interesting merchandise you might be interested in."

"And what might that be?"

"I have some Talosian crystals I recently acquired." said Quark displaying a large green crystal.

"No thanks they're illegal."

"Why not it's rare, a beautiful colour and at a low, low price of five bars of gold press latinum..."

"Quark!!" Benosk looked over to the door and saw a security officer walking over. Benosk smiled took his drink and walked off.