Author: Ensign Tricia McMillan
Date: January 19, 2384
Location : USS Churchill, Enroute to DS9

U.S.S. Churchill - Enroute to DS9
Ensign McMillan sat in her temporary quarters, reading the specifications of the new shuttlecraft that was currently in the Churchill’s cargo hold. As shuttle pilot, it was her responsibility to ensure that she knew everything about the vessels she would be flying, something she learnt early on in her Starfleet career.

The USS Aldrin was totally different to any vessel she had previously flown. A compact shuttlecraft designed specifically to fit into the cramped shuttle bay of a Defiant class vessel. These shuttlecraft were fast, maneuverable and tough, but could only accommodate a crew of five. With ablative armour, enhanced phasers and capable of carrying eight quantum torpedoes, these shuttles were designed to take a hard beating and survive intact. With a Danube class warp core in a vessel a third of the size, these shuttles had a maximum speed of warp five plus, making them the fastest shuttlecraft in Starfleet.

This vessel was brand new, straight off the production line. McMillan had briefly test-flown the Aldrin before it had been *stowed* aboard the Churchill, but she would have liked to have spent more time *ironing* out any problems.

Nevertheless, the Churchill’s orders and her own were clear.

Proceed at once to Deep Space Nine.

Transfer the shuttle to the USS Ronin & report to the executive officer.

Although Tricia was looking forward to serving aboard a front-line vessel, she also knew that the Ronin’s orders were to depart as soon as the Aldrin was aboard to support the USS Leviathan-A.

"Thank you Captain. I’m going to the cargo bay now to look over the Aldrin’s systems one last time. McMillan out".

Tricia switched off the datapad she had been viewing and picked up the few remaining belonging that she had in the room. Most of her belonging were already stowed onboard the Aldrin, all she had with her were the essentials, She left the temporary quarter that had been her home for the past two days and headed for the turbolift.

"Cargo bay one" She said as she stepped into the lift car.

Two minutes later, her final belongings were onboard the Aldrin and Tricia had started the small vessels' systems.

An hour later, all the preflight checks had been completed and she decided to have one last drink with the Churchill’s crew.