"The Launch"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: 18 January, 2384
Location: USS Ronin

The day had finally arrived! The Ronin would be launched later that day and the entire crew was making final checks to make sure everything was in working order. This wasn't the first time the Ronin was used, it had been out of space dock a couple of times to undergo tests. Luckily, Ensign Johnson, who had been working feverishly over the last week or so to make sure the ship was in working order, had managed to get the ship up to scratch. The whole crew were looking forward to getting out of space dock and being able to relax a bit on a functioning ship. Ryan had had a message late the previous night to make his way to DS9 ASAP, to help the Leviathan in the conflict with the Bariens.
Ryan stirred slightly. The computer repeated. Ryan opened his eyes and looked up at the ceiling above his bed.

"Time for the big day" he said to himself as he jumped off the bunk. He was due on the bridge in half an hour so hurried his breakfast and quickly got dressed and shaved.

"Captain on the bridge" called Eddie as Ryan stepped onto the bridge. Commander Heim stood up from the Captains chair and looked around.

"Your chair awaits you captain" he said. Ryan stepped over to his chair. Heim walked forward and took his seat at the helm. Ryan looked to his left at Solas and Sular at the tactical and Operations stations, and to the right at Steele and Benosk at security and intelligence.

"Right then people, lets get this ship launched" said Ryan tugging his uniform down and taking his seat. "Commander, open a channel to space dock. Signal we are cleared for launch."

"Aye Captain.... Space dock has responded, we are clear for departure."

"All right then Commander, take her out. One quarter impulse." At that command, the small ship lurched and pulled away from the mooring clamps. It backed off slowly and then spun on its x-axis and moved away from the station.

"Space dock cleared Captain."

"Set course for Deep Space Nine, warp 5."

"Aye sir." Said Heim tapping on the console, "course laid in Captain."