"Captain's Log"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: January 13, 2384
Location: Captains Quarters

"Captains Log, stardate 2361036.9. The *Ronin* is still docked at the Utopia Planitia ship yards. The engineering crews estimate it will be ready for launch sometime early next week. However Starfleet have ordered the immediate launch of the Ronin so most of the ships problems will have to be solved on route to Nuan space.

On another note, the first of my crew arrived early this morning. There were seven of them in total including Commander Heim. He seems as though he'll be a fine first officer, he seems calm and trustworthy.

The rest of the crew, I'm not too sure about however, Starfleet have certainly given me a diverse crew. First of all there's Lieutenant Bint, a Ferengi!! I know that there has been a Ferengi in starfleet before, however I have my doubts about him. I'm worried about the Ferengi's instinct for acquiring profit. I'll have to keep a close eye on him.

Also I have a Romulan for a security officer. He's the first fullbread Romulan to join starfleet and once again, I can't help but feel that I am going to run into difficulties with this officer. All I can hope for at the moment is that we don't run into any Romulans.

My operations Officer, Rinan Solas, seems a bit head strong and likely to take matters into her own hands. I can't help thinking about what she would ever do to a Cardassian if she met one - lets hope she doesn't.

The last two officers I received this morning were a pair of Trills. Jodana Jin, my medical officer seems like the most reliable member of my crew so far apart from Commander Heim and Lieutenant Steele. My initial feelings about her was that she was too young and looked very inexperienced, however, with the many past hosts that she has had, I'm sure she's not as inexperienced as she looks.

The other, Ganak Trass, is my main concern at the moment. I'm sure that once he settles down, there shouldn't be a problem, its just that at the moment he is very quiet and extremely shy. He also seems rather clumsy. To be honest, I think he needs a good counselor.

Lastly Lieutenant Steele, my intelligence officer and make do tactical officer. He seems very intelligent and looks to be good at his job. I'm sure he'll do well aboard the Ronin.

I have received word that my first official orders from starfleet should be cut this afternoon, The *Ronin* may be ordered to proceed to Nuan space to aid the *USS Leviathan* in the attempt to stop Admiral Beard. There will be no further crew assigned to the *Ronin* as of yet and we won't be receiving any until this mission is completed. Frankly I think that Starfleet is crazy sending us out in this condition! We don't have a full crew aboard and most of our systems are not functioning properly. Starfleet must be pretty desperate to send us out in this condition. I can only wait and see what happens."