"The Ronin"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: January 12, 2384
Location: USS Britain/USS Ronin

After another routine day at work, Ryan was sitting in ten forward having a late night drink with Ben Smith, the ships chief engineer.
"I honestly don't think it would work sir. There's no way a transporter buffer can handle that much power, it would burn out."

"There must be a way Ben"

"None that I can see."

"Keep working on it. You have twenty four hours to make it work"


"Make it so" snapped Ryan getting up from his chair.

"Jeez Ryan, anyone would think you were Captain. Don't forget you're not there yet."

"I think I'll call it a day" said Ryan as he brought his cup of coffee back to the replicator. "See you in the morning Lieutenant"

"Night Commander." Called Ben after him. Ryan just stepped out of the door when a voice came over the comm. channel.

"Commander Evans, report to the bridge" Ryan recognized the voice to be Eran Dakul, the helmsman

"Dakul, do you have any idea what time it is?"

"The Captain says its urgent sir."

"Very well, I'm on my way" sighed Ryan and so he made his way to the bridge.


Ryan arrived on the bridge to find the night shift 'hard' at work

"Captain Tolok is in his ready room sir" called Dakul from the helm.

"Thanks Ensign" said Ryan as he walked toward the captains ready room. Ryan rang the chime and was invited in. "You wanted to see me Captain?" Ryan inquired

"I did, Commander Evans. I have just received a communication from starfleet command."

"What is it this time?"

"You have been offered command of your own ship... again"

"What class is it this time, ambassador, excelsior? I wouldn't be surprised if they took the constitution class out of the museums to offer to me. Surely starfleet can give me something better than that!"

"This time it seems as though they have. You have been offered command of the USS Ronin, a Defiant class starship." "A defiant class?? that's almost as bad. Look, I'm too tired for this right now. I'll speak to starfleet in the morning."

"Commander, don't you think you are being extremely illogical about this. Logic dictates that to further your career, command of your own ship is the next step."

"I'm not interested in logic, I'm happy here on the Britain. Besides have you seen the size of those ships!! Their Tiny!! I'm likely to be killed on that thing."

"Defiant class vessels have proven themselves worthy in battle. There is no logical reason that you should be destroyed." Tolok sighed as he stood up from his chair, "Commander, this will have been the fifth ship you have turned down. Don't make me order you to take this post."

"Order me?! You can't do that!!"

"On the contrary I can, and I will."

"You have no right!"

"It is the logical decision. The Ronin is docked at Utopia Planitia. We should reach there in five days. You have until then to change your mind. Dismissed."

Ryan hesitated then turned to the door and left. He stepped out onto the bridge.

"Been offered a ship again have you Commander? what's that? Six?" inquired Dakul

"Yeah something like that" Ryan replied as he entered the turbolift.

"I can't understand why starfleet keep offering him ships" says Dakul turning to the ops officer. "He always turns them down and he'll be in a mood like this for days."

"He's a good officer Eran, he deserves command after all this time.

5 Days Later...

Ryan got up out of bed. He pulled on his uniform and headed for the bridge. It had been five days since his talk with Captain Tolok about the Ronin. He knew what was coming. He headed towards the nearest turbolift thinking that if he did take command of the ship that he would at least get away from Toloks constant nagging. Over the past few days, Tolok had become increasingly more annoying. He had constantly been trying to persuade Ryan to accept command. Ryan had never heard so much logic in his life. He stepped out onto the bridge.

"Commander" said Tolok from his command chair, "We will be arriving at Utopia Planitia shortly. I have made arrangements for you to take a look at your ship. They are expecting you over there in a couple of minutes." "Aye Captain." Replied Ryan

"Mr. Smith is waiting for you in the transporter room. I suggest you get moving."

"Yes Captain" replied Ryan, beginning to get a bit annoyed. He turned and left the bridge. On the way to the transporter room, he kept thinking more and more about the Ronin. *This is the sixth ship I've been offered, maybe starfleet won't offer me another.* He stepped into the transporter room.

"Ah Commander, I see the Captain managed to get you down here."

"I'll tell you one thing Ben, if I accept this ship it'll only be because of him. He's become so annoying over the past few weeks with his damn logic. I swear he's trying to get me off this ship."

"Maybe he is sir, and this is just an indirect approach."

"Perhaps, I think its working too."

"Coordinates set sir, ready to beam you over."

"energize" replied Ryan who was now standing on the transporter pad. The view of the Britain's transporter room disappeared and was replaced by another transporter room, full of work crews. One of the young ensigns stepped toward Ryan.

"Commander Ryan, welcome aboard the USS Ronin, uh at least what there is of her anyway."

"Well ensign....?"

"Johnson sir, Eddie Johnson"

"Mr. Johnson, lets get going. This shouldn't take long."

"Why not sir?"

"I don't intend on taking command of this heap of rubbish" said Ryan picking up a piece of piping and then throwing it over his shoulder. "I'm only here because Captain Tolok ordered me to look around."

"I see, well lets go then" The two of them stepped out of the transporter room and set off around the rest of the ship. The more Ryan saw, the more he liked the idea of a small ship. Everyone could get to know anyone and he wouldn't have to worry about large crew compliments. It could be a very friendly environment. "Here is what would be your chair Commander." Ryan stepped over and sat down. It was extremely comfortable. He glanced around and looked at the small bridge.

"Tell me Ensign, is this the Ronins crew? No sir. So far, I'm the only crew member assigned to the Ronin. Everyone else are just work crews from Utopia Planitia."

"I see. So when should the rest of the crew begin to arrive?" Johnson tapped a few buttons on the console before him.

"The first ones should begin arriving at the beginning of next week sir. Your first officer, a medical officer, a science officer and a security officer will arrive on a transport from Earth."

"Who is my executive officer?"

"Commander Heim, he has an excellent service record sir."

"I've heard of him. A Betazoid isn't he?"

"Half Betazoid sir" replied Eddie

"Any Vulcans assigned here?" Johnson looked at the monitors again.

"No sir"

"Excellent. Ensign, I'll speak to Captain Tolok when I get back to the Britain this ship doesn't seem that bad any more."

"Did I mention it had a cloaking device as well?"

"No you didn't"

"So you're going to take command of the Ronin?"

"Yeah, why not. Comfy chair, small crew, an excellent executive officer, a cloaking device and no damn Vulcans!" A small smile came across Johnson's face.

"Why no Vulcan's?" inquired Eddie

"Lets just say I've had enough logic thrown at me in the last five days to last me a life time." With that Ryan stood up and left the bridge.

"I look forward to serving under you Commander." Called Eddie after him

USS Britain

"Captain Tolok, I wish to take command of the Ronin" said Ryan as he stepped confidently back onto the bridge of the Britain.

"I see you have made the logical decision Commander. Report to Ten Forward at 2100 hours. I'll perform the ceremony. The Ronin will be yours after that."

"Thank you Captain." With that, Ryan smugly walked off the bridge.

Ten Forward

Later that night in ten forward the entire senior staff of the Britain were assembled there they were all in their white dress uniforms. Ryan hated these uniforms, he found them quite uncomfortable and a bit embarrassing. Tolok signaled to Ryan that it was time to begin.

"May I have your attention please" began Tolok. "We are assembled here today to celebrate the promotion of a fine officer. He has served for many years under me on this ship and I don't think I could ever have had a better executive officer. I'm sure he will go on to be an even better Captain." Ryan stepped up onto the platform. "Commander Ryan L Evans, do you accept command of the federation starship USS Ronin?"

"I, Commander Ryan L Evans, do hereby accept command of the federation starship Ronin."

"Congratulations Commander. I hereby promote you to the rank of Captain, with all the rights and privileges therefore." Tolok stepped forward and added an extra pip to Ryans collar. "Congratulations Captain". Ryan turned back to look at the crew.

"I'm not someone who enjoys making speeches as you all very well know so I'll make this brief. Over the last seven years, I have made many friends on this ship, and also lost a few too. I have never been on a ship with so many fine officers. I shall miss you all, even Tolok!" with that a few smiles appeared around the room. "I had always wished to one day have a shot at command of the Britain, but that won't happen now, I can only look forward and hope that on the *Ronin* I will have such a brave and valiant crew as Captain Tolok has here." With that a round of applause went up around the room. Ben Smith spoke up,

"I'd like to propose a toast. To Captain Ryan and his future aboard the *Ronin*" Another round of applause went up and Tolok stepped down. The large assembly split up into smaller groups and began to enjoy the celebration. Ryan stepped down and looked around. He would miss this ship and her crew.