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P u n a n i ' s  O n  T r a m m e l
º  an Ultima Online Guild, Napa Valley, Age of Shadows  º

Est. 01.01.01
This site was updated on 05.02.2003
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Aloha & Welcome to the Punani's on Trammel Ultima Online Fortress! This site is for all p@t members, friends & Ultima Online players. I am the Evil Lady Selphie, Mistress of p@t and the operator of many of the p@t vendors. Punani's on Trammel is a neutral, standard guild that lives and plays near the Covetous mountains of Trammel. Come and visit us to see our "Roof of Lights" and to shop at our vendors. I hope you will utilize our site as a resource for playing Ultima Online and about the Napa Valley shard that we live on. Please sign our Guest book as well - Mahalo Nui Loa.
Our charter is: Money, Fame, and Power!

05/02/03 by Lady Selphie
-Four GM skillz lately...GM Tinker for Bushido Blade making him a 4x GM Mule! and GM Focus for Jasmine the Paladin...and GM Tailor for Lord Sharpedge! and Kuso for GM'ing you guys have been busy!
-Lady Murasaki also has moved into a new custom house on the south end of the village, please take a look and bring a housewarming gift.

03/11/03 by Lady Selphie
-Big big congratulations to Lady Murasaki on GM'ing Taming! That skill is one of the harder ones to finish and we look forward to congratulating her on making Elder and Legendary as well! Omedetou! Lady Selphie

01/17/03 by Selphie
-Happy New Year to all of p@t and our family & close friends! To our enemies and targets of opportunity, keep the loot coming :) Hey, I'm an Evil Lady after all... I hope that all of us have a safe, prosperous, and happy new year!

-Congrats on the GM skills and Elder skills for all...will try to update member's page, but so many changes & so many members not on p@t stone make it hard for me to keep track *hint hint*

11/23/02 by Lady S
-Congratulations to Mule for GM'ing Cartography this week...with the abundance of Tmaps out there, p@t has yet another Hunter of Treasure able to do all levels of maps!

10/18/02 by Selphie
-Mahalo & Congratulations to Bushido Blade for GM'ing Mining! Updated Member's page & Trammel Vendor's page. Deleted dead link to Belan's page.

10/06/02 by Lady Selphie
-Lady Rinoa finished Hiding and now is a 7x GM Treasure Hunter who is able to do level 5 T-maps! She has about 30~40 in her bank and would like to dig some up when everyone is on. Updated Member's page.

9/20/02 by Evil Lady Selphie
-Mahalo's to Lord Oda Nobunaga who has retired from UO for RL reasons. We had lots of fun and many great memories!

-Lady Rinoa GM'd Cartography & now can do those 40+ Devious Tmaps in her bank...lets go diggin when things slow down! Jasmine has also GM'd Hiding recently and should have more success in O/C battles *crosses fingers*! Updated Member's page.

8/29/02 by Selphie the Sly
-Big congratulations to Mule for GM'ing Lockpicking a few days ago. Updated Members page.

-Mahalo's to Lord Oda Nobunaga. After 2.5 years, he has called it quits for good and left UO. Let's bid him a fond farewell.

8/15/02 by Evil Lady Selphie
-An even more Glorious day yesterday was again! Megami Hyakujyuu completed her meteoric rise to Grandmaster Tamer only a day after Lord Dookie! Congratulations!

8/13/02 by Lady Selphie
-A Glorious day yesterday was, indeed! Lord Dookie completed a long journey and became a Grandmaster Tamer joining the exclusive fellowship with Lord Oda Nobunaga & Lady lizza! Congratulations!

-There were also two warrior skill GM's as well: Aldur retooled and quickly GM'd Fencing & reclaimed his GM title of Ko$, and Kuso has GM'd Anatomy and should be ready to roll in the [Chaos] battles & Yagyuu Juubei has joined the Ko$ ranks as well! If any p@t members are interested in entering 1 character, please see Aldur!

-Updated Member's page. Added link to Ko$

8/07/02 by Heidi O'cea
What a fun night last night was! Five p@t members made the journey to Felucca t2a for the champion spawn. Lars, Malice, Kunoichi, Akira and myself got halfway to summoning the rat champ before we succumbed to the hordes of rat mages!

p@t at Papua
Lining up at Papua: Lars, Akira, Heidi, Malice & Kunoichi

The battlefield
Firefields, Poisonfields & EQ worked good on the hordes of rats!

Altar Brit healers
2 sides of skulls is not bad for just five players new to this thing! Picture of us freshly rezzed at Brit healers w/ our 733+ titles!

7/21/02 by Evil Lady Selphie
-Great fun night last night at the Royal Rumble! Big Mahalo to all that participated and helped, and to those who were unable to make it due to the late time, there will be more p@t events! Aldur, Lord Raziel, infedelsyrus, Kuso and Lord Elric Redslayer participated in this inagural event.

Aldur, Redslayer, Kuso, Raziel and infedelsyrus

Champion of p@t Aldur won the 1 vs 1 event w/ a perfect 4-0 record and used a variety of items & tactics...How resourceful (or cheesy if you interview Kuso) for using orange petals to a summoned daemon to win! infedelsrus came in second with a 3-1 record. Aldur won a nice daily rare fruitbasket as his prize!

First battle of the night had a heavily armored tank fencer vs a light Lumber Jane with infedelsyrus winning due to Raz having no bandies. Aldy defeated Kuso after a long battle of the orange petals vs multiple LP/DP's of Kuso!

Raz sure is in alot of my pics eh? Raz used the power of the para blow and bronze runic spear to outlast the continuous Nox attacks of Kuso...great fight! Aldy got his 3rd straight win in the 1 vs 1 tourney vs Raz in their highly anticipated fight that followed much trash talking in the week prior to the Royal Rumble. Raz fought valiently, but eventually fell to the onslaught of DP katana blows mixed with GM Magery/Eval spells...

-Kuso survived a brutal Nekked Gladiator fight by not getting ganked early *sorry infedelsyrus for always targetting u* and by smartly looting fallen warriors to assemble strong armor, a wooden shield and a sword while beating down Lord Redslayer who was equally armored, but pitifully equipped w/ only a dagger. This is what Redslayer started with...who's the wise guy that put studded female armor in his pack w/ a dagger? Hmmm!

Gladiators! Funny looking man! Female studded armor?

Little did Red know that he had a short spear in one of the many looted packs! The battle was decided not by weapon strength, but by number of bandies! Great fight by the Gladiator Champion Kuso who won 100K for his efforts!

-Congratulations to Akira for GM'ing Scribble ...and to Lailoken for GM'ing Anatomy...Updated Members page.

7/15/02 by Lady Selphie
-Another GM Spell Resister! Congratulations to Lord Raziel for GM'ing that skill yesterday... great work w/ reapers & mahalo's to Akira for being the backup healer as well. Updated Member's page.

-1st ever p@t Royal Rumble set for July 20th, Saturday at 9:00 pm Hawaiian standard time. See message board for details and rules. This is a closed event to p@t guildmembers only. See you guys and gals there!

7/9/02 by Rocki Road's Ghost
-OooooOOOoOOoOoooOOOooo! Heheheh *translated* says big congrats to Kunoichi for 6x GM'ing by reaching 100.0 in Healing tonite! I would know cuz ive been seeing black and white now for the last few PH's while Kuno worked that skill...all that's left is Med...which is sooo easy...and she's 7x baby!
-A late nite congrats to Yagyuu Jyuubei for also GM'ing healing last night! Two GM Healers in one night woot! Yagyuu is also now a 6x GM Warrior!

7/6/02 by Lady Selphie
-Another GM skill! Rocki Roads easily gm'd wrestling at Jhelom pits after a few nights of training! Late that night, Rocki also GM'd anatomy w/ the help of Kunoichi's ghost on the p@t party boat! WOOT! Updated Member's Page.

-A POSSIBLE DECLARATION OF WAR? SEE BELOW! WHAT HAS POOR ALDUR DONE THIS TIME? *WAR DRUMS BEAT* DUM DA DUM ;) Apparently, Emeralda of FMS was "ganked" *Aldur & his hally make a gank?* by our own purple haired phreak and was not happy about it.

A message from the Freemasons

7/4/02 by Lady S
-HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! Another GM skill tonite...MALICE GM'd anatomy over the last two days from 71 to 100.0 using Rocki's ghost...Congratulations! Updated Members page yet again!

7/3/02 by Selphie
-I am happy to announce that we have a new GM Scholar in the house! MALICE GM'd eval last night aboard her ship in about 10 mins or so starting from 98~!

-Congrats to Aldur for 7x GM'ing by GM'ing Healing the other day! WOOT!

-I turned 3yrs today and also had the pleasure of Akira's healing help in GM'ing Resist last evening! Updated Member's page.

Slave GM's resist!

Slave Zero GM'd resist off an Ebolt from a reaper...Akira was a healer thru this long run...TYVM!

7/01/02 by Fellow Craftswoman Selphie
-More amazing GM skills! TWINS! Lord Lynx and La Mer both reported to me that they have Grandmastered the art of Carpentry! Congratulations to you both! Updated Members page.

6/29/02 by Lady S
-I am happy to report two more GM skills in our race to beat the unpopular P16...Akira has GM'd both Meditation and Eval! Great job and see me to take a new picture!

6/28/02 by Elric Redslayer
-More GM skills yesterday! Lady Shin Wyrmbreaker GM'd Archery and Tactics while I finished meditation to 7x out my skills.

6/25/02 by Mistress Selphie
-Please help me to welcome lizza, Grand Wyrmmaster, to p@t! She is our neighbor to the south in the villa and a vet player w/ gm taming. She will make a fine addition to our guild so lets all give her a warm welcome!

-More amazing GM skills... Lord Dookie and La Mer both GM'd Tailoring today... can you believe it!? Yuna boarded the p@t party boat for a short cruise and GM'd anatomy using akriastrainer as a ghost! Congrats all of you! I'm so proud of your efforts over the last few weeks in response to P16.

6/24/02 by Evil Lady Selphie
-You guys are just amazing! GM skills...Rena GM'd magery for herself and Dookie, Kunoichi and Yagyuu Juubei both GM'd anatomy on the p@t party boat as well and Kuso is now a GM swordswoman and warrior! Rikku also GM'd Anatomy late at night on the p@t party boat! Updated Member's page.

6/22/02 by Selphie
-The list of new GM skills continues its amazing roll! Congratulations to Akira and Heidi O'cea for both GM'ing Anatomy! Updated Member's page. All p@t please remind me to take screenshots of your char's so that our member's page can be as up to date as possible.

6/21/02 by Lady Selphie
-More GM skills! Congratulations to Megami for GM'ing Archery, Heidi for GM'ing Eval, Kunoichi for GM'ing Magery, Kuso for GM'ing Swords & Tactics! and La Mer for GM'ing Alchemy! It seems that Publish 16 will start on one shard this week, so we have only the weekend to make a final push to GM those skills... Don't give up!

6/18/02 by Lord Elric Redslayer
-Congratulations to Cathan for GM'ing anatomy & Megami Hyakujuu for GM'ing Tactics! I myself completed Healing w/ the help of mule as a Ghost! Updated Members page.

June 15 by Lady Selphie
-I am pleasantly surprised at the number of GM skills and new Lords and Ladies that we have reached in the last week! Keep up the great work guys and gals! Updated members page with new photos, stories & GM flags.

-Congratulations to a new Glorious Lady Panda Bear who also made 5x craftswoman with GM carpentry! Congratulations to Lord Lynx who has also joined the Lords & Ladies club & is a fine multi-GM craftsman! Lord Raziel has GM'd parry while fighting Bloods in Shame!

-Congrats to multi GM Aldur who finished Magery, Meditation & Anatomy in one week! Congrats to Cathan who GM'd Tactics and Fencing!

-Huzzah! to Jerry Only for GM'ing wrestling at the "Pits" this week as well!

-Please give a big hand to Lailoken for also GM'ing Swords and Tactics!

-Give a big hand to Megami Hyakujuu for GM'ing Animal lore tonite on the p@t party boat!

June 8th, 2002 by Evil Lady Selphie, Mistress of p@t
-It gives me great pleasure to welcome back Akira, Megami Hyakujyuu, Mule, and La Mer back to p@t! Welcome back & many happy gaming hours!

-Please help me in welcoming a new member to p@t, the Poi Dogg, Lailoken! He is brother to our current member Tuco & is a fast learner at this game we play... Welcome & I hope you have fun w/ us!

-Congratulations and Omedetou! to Lord Oda Nobunaga for GM'ing Taming! It was a long, difficult and lonely path, but he persevered! He is now able to provide any tamable creature to all tamers in p@t...please see him for your needs!

-Congratulations to another bunch of GM skills! Lynx for GM'ing Tinkering & mining (GM'd long ago-sorry for the credit delay), Yuna for GM'ing Tactics tonight in Shame, Mule for GM'ing Mining and Aldur for GM'ing Eval, Tactics, and Swords! Great job guys...Updated member's page yet again!

-Welcome another Lord to the club!...Glorious Lord Lars Frederickson has reached the pinnacle of fame and karma! Great job!

June 7th, 2002 by Lady S
-I am very happy to announce yet more GM skills for Yuna and Kunoichi! Yuna worked very hard in Shame to grandmaster fencing & is almost done with tactics as well, while Kunoichi has grandmastered meditation on her way to GM Magery (almost!)...Congratulations! *claps*. Updated members page w/ new GM skill flags.

06.04.02 by Raizel
-Let's all congratulate Kunoichi on reaching GM Scholar! It was a long journey of many a late night on the p@t party boat, but she got it done! OMEDETOU (Congratulations)!

-I GM'd anatomy late last night while fighting w/ Yuna in Shame. I happened upon a magic spot where I went to GM from the high 80's in about 15 minutes...TY Yuna! Updated Members page.

-Lord Redslayer also GM'd Magery this morning on a long run from 95's to 99.1 then soon found another run to GM! Updated Members page.

June 2nd by Lady Selphie the Tailor
-Please help me to congratulate our newest 4x Grandmaster craftswoman, Panda Bear! Working quietly thru the nights, she has already GM'd Alchemy, Smithy, and Tinkering. Late last night, even after running out of hides once, she GM'd Tailoring as well!
-Updated Members page w/ new GM flag & write up.

5.31 by Evil Lady Selphie
-Congratulations to Rikku for GMing her Macing in Shame while Jasmine and MALICE kept her company! Updated Member's page w/ new skill flag.

-Publish 16 information is now on & a thread has been started on our message boards, please read and be informed.

5/27/02 by Lord Elric Redslayer
-I took a few screen shots of our adventures last night in the Ice cave taming White Wyrms, in Shame p@t ganking Blood Elementals, and of Lady Murasaki AFK in the p@t tower.

Lord Oda taming a WW Success!
Here is Lord Oda doing a technique called nekked taming on a new White Wyrm that just spawned in the Ice cave with Lady Rena, Lady Murasaki, and Lady Rinoa looking on. After a few tries, success! Huzzah!

Enough draggys?
Lord Oda next brought his whole flock of wyrms to p@t village so that Lady Murasaki could take her pick of all his fine beasts. She eventually settled for that pure white WW on the right side.

p@t gankage of a blood ele
We later moved to Shame to make some money killing BE's. We made alot... 100K to be exact! Bloods die pretty quickly w/ a draggy and four mages dumping on it. Heidi is on the top, with, from left to right: Lady Murasaki, Lady Rena, and Lord Oda Nobunaga all waiting in line to take shots at that BE!

Mura A F K?
After all of the action, Lord Redslayer found Lady Murasaki afk and mysteriously low on life... hmmm I wonder what happened here... T R I B A L - S P E A R ! heheh... don't go afk if Red is on... do you like his new hair color?

May 26th by Lord Slave Zero
-Big congratulations to Panda Bear for GM'ing Blacksmithy today! She joins the fine fellowship of GM smiths that are the backbone of our guild!
-Updated member's page w/ new pic of Lord Raziel & GM eval for Lord Redslayer & GM Smithy for Panda Bear.

Resist training w/ daemons

Lord Raziel, sporting his brand new hot red mowhawk, got mad at the summoned daemons for not giving him more resist gains! (only gained .4) Lord Slave Zero summoned them while Lady Rena and Lady Murasaki (top right, not seen) kept Lord Raziel alive.

5-25 by Selphie
-Updated main page w/ removal of dead links & members page w/ new pics and writeups & GM flags.
-Added a link to the Adventures of Animosity the Thief. It is an entertaining and informative site about a disarm thief... hmm still waiting for a Vidala site ;)

5.19.02 by Summer Time Selphie
-Schools out! Updated members page with new pictures, write ups, and Gm flags. Congrats to Yagyuu for GM'ng macing, Rikku for tactics, and Yuna for music!

5/15/02 by Raizel
-Updated Members page w/ newest GM parrier of p@t: Yagyuu Juubei! See message board for info. Congrats Yag!

May 13th by Selphie
-Updated Members page...remind me to take pics of characters that either have 1 GM skill or more & one's that you intend to keep :)

-Killed a few Plague beasts over the last two days and got 8 Slayer weapons of great quality (even a super slayer) lets keep that up!

5-8-02 by tha Green Goblin Heidi O
-GM'd Magery today on the p@t party boat! and gained anat to over 80+ Can you say stunnnn punch? Congrats Dookie for taming ur draggy!

May 8th by SeLpHiE
-Updated main page, added links and deleted dead links
-Worked on Spell Ratings page

-p@t went to explore Lava earlier in the week & it was a warriors only night out. From left to right: Yagyuu Juubei, Grushnak, Raziel, Jasmine, and Ryu Hime. They ended up GANKING over 50 Efreets in chasing a piece of Daemon bone armor!

The five p@t horsemen Gankage of the Efreets Finally... some good loot!

5/7/02 by Lady Selphie
-Added new link to the Warrior PvP essay written by darKnight, aka Vidala, edited by Lady Selphie... check it out!

5.02.02 by Raizel
-Raizel GM'd magery this morning on the p@t party boat! Updated the Members Page.

4.30.02 by Vidala
-Added new link to the Mage PvP essay written by darKnight, aka Vidala, edited by Lady Selphie... check it out!

4/25/02 by Selphie
-Updated PvP Basics page.

April 25, 2002 by Raizel
-Congratulations to the Illustrious Lord Raziel! Updated Members page with his new photo w/ he & his draggy both in valorite plate! Welcome to the Lords & Ladies club!
-Raizel GM'd bowcraft the other night also!
-Updated Vendors page & added Member names to GM skill flags when mouse is hovered over it...please double check for accuracy!

-4/23/02 was a Hyloth exploration trip with Lord Valaris, MALICE, Kunoichi, and Raizel in the party.

Posing for the camera Raizel tempting Fate ^^! Dead Gargys everywhere...

-4/21/02 Vidala, Raziel, and Heidi O took a trip to get some scales in was like shooting fishies in a barrel...look at the mess we made! My clothes still smell like fish shtank!

Blue scales are from serps

4-10-02 by Selph
Congratulations to Panda Bear from House Rena for GM'ing Tinkering! I'm always peeking, so all of p@t pls make your skills visible via MyUO.
Updated Members page.

April 6, 2002 by Lady Selphie
Updated Members page w/ UO3d pic of Lord Slave Zero and added Panda Bear.
Updated Main page with minor color & word changes.

3.31.02 by Selphie

Added a new forum to our message boards...a BOD board where we can list and trade our bod's and discuss mining and smithy issues. Enjoy!

3/27/02 by SeLpHiE

Updated members page with GM skills for Rena: Meditation, Animal Lore, and Magery and GM skills for Kunoichi: Fencing & Tactics...AWESOME job!

The darKnight has rejoined p@t after his self imposed 1 month leave...Welcome back!

3/18/02 by Grouchy Selphie

Lord Oda and Lady Rena know what I mean!
Congratulations to our newest Lady...Glorious Lady Murasaki! Welcome to the Club! Jasmine GM'd Lumberjacking- finally! And Panda Bear GM'd Alchemy...Great job! Lord Oda now can tame White Wyrms and all other pets...WOOT congrats!!!
Updated Members page.

3/11/02 by Selphie

Congratulations to our newest Lady...Glorious Lady Rena! Welcome to the Lords & Ladies club! Updated members page.

3.10.02 by Evil Lady Selphie

Mahalo's and Congrats to the UH Men's Warrior basketball team for winning the WAC championship and going to the BIG DANCE BABY! WOOT!

Updated members page

2/16/02 by Selphie

Updated members page w/ GM Tinkering for Lady Janus and GM Magery for Murasaki...Congratulations!

Lets all welcome back Akira to the guild and Lady Chelsea has announced a voluntary 1 month break from UO...Lord Oda is mulling over whether or not to continue...Let's all show our support!

2/09/02 by Evil Lady Selphie

Updated Main & Members pages
Congratulations to Kain for GM'ing Macing & Tactics! and Raziel for GM'ing Healing! and Vidala for GM'ing Wrestling!

Fighting a Valorite Elemental

We had a mini adventure a week back hunting for Ore Elementals using them pickaxe's of Ore Extraction. Raziel, MALICE, KamSheema and I finally got a Valorite Ele to appear and fought it well. A poor sap got in the way and was killed by the elemental...sorry Ezekial! No virtue weapon on that one :(

Feb 3rd by Lady S

Congratulations to our newest Lord/Lady clubber: Sinister Lord Sharpedge of the house of Mea Inu! Updated Members page. To all of p@t, if I haven't put up your picture/writeup in the Members page, please remind me to do so!

2.2.2 by Selphie

Added page links to footer of pages.

1~31~2002 by SeLpHiE while in skool

Updated members page, deleted IDOC Loot shots page
Made various changes on site

Jan 28, 2002 by Lady Shin

p@t was in da house last night! The Juka Lords bit the dust as Lady Chelsea, Lord Dookie, Lord Oda, and Lady Shin brought the big guns into Wrong to do some butt kickin p@t style...15K loot, tons of Virtue Bows, Indestructable Chain Tunic of Invulnerability! WOOT!

Congrats to Murasaki for GMing Animal Lore!

bubba is dumbfounded

bubba has never seen so many Lizards? in his life...derr...they're Dragons good sir!

Three way draggy kill or kiss?

I'm glad I wasn't in the middle of that Draggy three way!

1.22.02 by Lady Selphie

Updated members page.

I am pleased to report a new adventure by the members of p@t! A few nights ago, KamSheema, Vidala, Lord Oda Nobunaga, and Heidi O'cea journeyed to the Terathin Keep to hunt Balrons! Although p@t suffered some casualties, 3~4 Balrons also bit the are a few pictures, please enjoy.

Heidi being chased by a Balron Now Oda being chased by terathins!

1/16/02 by Lady Shin

After rereading all of your posts, I decided to try that boat/bear thing for lore gain...It finally worked! I went from 90 to GM in about 35 minutes...*sighs relief* TY 2 all who helped!

01.11.2002 by Evil Lady Selphie

I would like to announce our newest member of p@t, KamSheema , an old buddy of mine from my -B- Blackcomb days. Lets all welcome him to p@t!

Covetous Bashing them bonez
Raziel, Lord Dookie, Ryu Hime, and Lord Elric Redslayer went on an exploration trip of Covetous last night. They found elder gazers in the dungeon and made some loot...and progressed to the inner gates.

Gates of the Lich

Jan 7, 2002 by Lord Redslayer

Updated member's page with our newest GM Scribe, the Villainous MALICE! It was a long time coming, but she didn't give up & now can make GM marked rune books...see her for any requests.

1-4-2002 by Evil Lady Selphie

Updated member's page with a multitude of new GM skills and Lord/Lady titles over the last few weeks: WAY TO GO GUYS AND GALS! Lady Chisato GM'd Meditation, Lord Dookie GM'd Animal Lore, and Lady Janus Bladesbane GM'd Alchemy!

Lord Dookie, Akira, MALICE, and Lady Shin Wyrmbreaker took a small excursion last night to the lair of the Efreet to coax some daemon armor, but they returned home with just a huge amount of cash...Sorry the grabby was broken, so no screen shots :P

1/3/02 by Miss Selphie

Updated member's page & Congratulations to Murasaki for reaching GM stoic.

01.01.2001 from Selphie

HAPPY NEW YEAR! p@t and this website also celebrate their 1st birthday as well. Conratulations to Lady Chisato for GMing Magery & Lynx for GMing Alchemy today...Updated members page. Also, sadly, Shang Fei Xi has retired from p@t & UO due to personal reasons. Mahalo for playing with us and come back soon!

-=Evil Lady Selphie=-

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