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This is a TLG website

Who is TLG?

Quick Background

TLG is the webmistress of several websites, including The Hogwarts Tower of Time. She was born someplace nice and goes to college someplace else. She has an unspecified number of relatives and an uncounted number of friends. Although for some cool reason, personality tests often say she is like Harry Potter, TLG's favorite characters in JK Rowling's series are Neville and Luna. TLG values their sincerity and genuine strength. That could make her a Hufflepuff, but actually TLG is most likely a Ravenclaw. She is one of those people who enjoys learning and could spend her whole day in the library doing so quite happily. Libraries are TLG's second homes. Bookstores are TLG's candy shops.

What was happening behind the scenes; the Harry Potter experience

TLG started reading the Harry Potter series in seventh grade. Her teacher had a bookshelf from which students were expected to pick novels for silent reading time. Her teacher had a stack of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone paperbacks that the school probably bought in bulk from Scholastic. By the spring semester, most of the students had read or were reading JK Rowling's first novel. Not one to follow the crowd, TLG postponed looking at the Harry Potter series as long as she could. She was a fast-reader, however, and as she ate her way into her teacher's bookshelf, her options for new reading material became rather limited. By an unsightly streak of curiosity, she finally consented to pick up the novel with the weird kid on the broomstick on the cover.

TLG liked it from chapter one.

TLG quickly found JK Rowling's next two books, Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban, at her public library. She loved those, too. It was an interesting development as TLG was not particularly a fan of fantasy novels. She had read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; she hadn't liked it much. She knew about The Wizard of Oz; it didn't appeal to her. Harry Potter was good, though, and she pursued it.

She searched and searched for the fourth book in the series, only to find out with dismay that it wasn't published yet. Shock, horror. She had to wait.

One day in the library, TLG was bored. She signed up to use the computer and, while staring at the screen, idly decided to search for news about Harry Potter on Amazement! TLG stumbled upon the deep underground that was the Harry Potter fandom. If she'd only known then what a turning point that would be! Maybe she'd have turned off the computer and sunk back into her studies. The Harry Potter fandom is some seriously addictive stuff.

TLG found forums. TLG found chatrooms. TLG found a gazillion sorting hat quizzes and several thousand personal Harry Potter websites with rumors about the fourth book. It was a dangerous day to be curious. TLG was pulled into the waters of the fanon world of Harry Potter and she didn't even think to struggle. "I'm just gonna look," she thought to herself.

TLG's first hook was -- but what else could it be at the time? -- The Virtual World of Harry Potter. Be sorted, attend classes, do homework, win points, remember the house passwords, speak with other classmates in the house forums. TLG was a Ravenclaw. TLG was also mischievous. Find out the passwords for the other house common rooms, look at their parts of the site, spy, get on their mailing lists, spy, enter their forums, spy! It was fun. TLG was not an evil hacker, though; she never got other houses in trouble nor did she spam their message boards. She just liked being sneaky. She was benign.

TLG liked learning about what would happen in the fourth Harry Potter book. Everyone thought it was going to be called Harry Potter and the Doomsday Device. We may not have seriously believed it, but we still suspected that it might have something to do with the plot. More or less. Sort of. Okay, fine: we were naive! Leave us alone, you hog. The fandom was younger then. We were just having fun. It was a bit like book 6 and the title Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch, except by then everyone was wiser.

TLG spent a lot of time at The Virtual World of Harry Potter and other forum websites. Until the release of the fourth book, at least. After that, it got kind of boring in the forums. We were exhausting our discussion topics. What is more, TLG had school to attend to. A true Ravenclaw, she was an honors student on her way to the best high school in the city. She had a life that needed attention and she couldn't spend so much time in forums.

And in any case, TLG had found fan fiction. Fan fiction! Is there anything so marvelous or so terrible as fan fiction? The worlds one can enter, the minds one can explore, the avenues and the detours and the alternative universes and the many different flavors of writing one can find! Fan fiction! One could lose oneself in it sometimes.

During her freshman year of high school, TLG became a frequent visitor of There, she found the widest variety in writing that she has ever come across. Some of the stories she found were excellent all-around, but many had amateur mistakes. Since the mistakes did not always interfere with the story, TLG was hesitant to critique. It wasn't like she could claim to write novels better anyway. Authors kept saying that constructive criticism was welcome, however, and TLG started thinking that "I like it!" might not be the most helpful review. She started trying to pinpoint exactly what she liked about the different stories she read. One can find education in the strangest places: Fan fiction trained TLG to recognize where good stories might go wrong. Many authors had excellent ideas and excellent grammar, but they were learning; they made mistakes like regular people. By massive amounts of reading, TLG learned. Maybe a character was becoming a Mary Sue, maybe the sub-plots were derailing the story, maybe the dialogue was out of character. So many things did she learn about! Things she had never before considered, though she had always been an avid reader.

Non-fan-fiction readers may think it ironic, but it actually helped her in her English courses. Fan fiction allowed TLG to think critically about writing in a way that not many young students dare with professional, published writing. To some extent, we are taught to rever published authors. In class, we analyze everything in novels. Nothing is a mistake in them, we are taught. The author is a genius, we are taught. That may be almost true for some novels, but it is a dangerous ideology to hold unquestioned.

Moving on...

After Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix was published, TLG was preparing to enter her junior year of high school. She had already slowed down her involvement with the fandom, but now she had to withdraw even more. She was taking college-level courses now (equivalent, perhaps, to NEWT courses in Hogwarts) and her workload was growing. She was a busy person, working towards success almost automatically. Though she still loved Harry Potter and often thought about articles for her website, The Hogwarts Tower of Time went months without updates.

Nonetheless, on her academic journey, TLG often found things that she thought the Harry Potter fandom might enjoy. Her website had become "The Hogwarts Tower of Time: Realm of the Miscellaneous" for a reason. When she was reading Machiavelli's The Prince, for example, she had found a reference to Severus. Interesting, she thought. Who cares if JK Rowling didn't intend it? It was something to bring to the fandom's attention. So things went (and perhaps still go). Her website is infrequently updated, but it is not forgotten. TLG still visits news websites like to find out what is going on. She still comes up with ideas for her website. She just needs time to bring them together.

Right now, as Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince comes out, she is a high school graduate preparing for college in the fall. She is not sure if that means that she will have more time or less. Que sera sera. In the meantime, she has a mailing list to announce when her website is updated. Go back home to find it.

How she came to build this website

The Hogwarts Tower of Time is TLG's second Harry Potter website. Did you know? Of course you didn't. During the summer after eighth grade, she had been seized with the desire to make a website that everyone in the world would love. Unfortunately, that was unrealistic and tiring. Burning that website to the ground, TLG began constructing a website that she would love. It's not perfect, and it still needs a lot of content added, but it's still nice for a personal website.

If you would like to know more about the history of The Hogwarts Tower of Time, TLG begs of you to visit this page.

This is a TLG website