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Channel Description


A warm welcoming feeling surrounds you as you enter this fine establishment that is nestled within a mountain pass. Finely carved tables and chairs adorn this beautiful, immaculately clean and polished inn. The interior surroundings always seems to be new.

Booths are in all but one of the corners, matching the fine craftsmanship as all of the furniture of the Inn. Several couches also make the Inn more welcoming, the most notable is a large overstuffed couch set on a carpet of thick furs before the hearth.

At the back of the Inn lies an ornate bar, carved with woodland scenes and unicorns at play. Behind the bar are shelves neatly lined with bottles and sparkling clean glasses of several sorts.

Behind the bar and to the side is the kitchen, aroma of exquisite food wafts into the main room with a warm pleasantness. Beautiful windows line the walls, the light they cast completes the beauty of the inn.

An ornate staircase near the back leads up to the second level of the inn where several sleeping quarters are located. Rooms may be rented for both short and long-term stays.


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