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Webs was born in a small farm were he had little food and water to live on. Webs never knew his father. He lived with his mother on the his small farm. But one day as a small boy he told himself that he would be a great fighter. So every day and night he would train. When he was 16 he left his mom to go explore. By this time he grow up to be a tall young man just over 6 foot tall. He had green eyes with a goldesh look on the in side of thim. Sence he spent alot of time training he got alot of scares on this body. He had goten a realy bad one over his eye. He could see out of it fine just that it looked bad to were you'ed think he couldn't see out of it.He saved his money to buy the beat weapons and armor. He only had leather armor and a long sword his mom gave him. he fight may bats to build his exp in fighting and every time he fought he got money. He saved a lot of money to get his skill up to 40th lv by a trainer he meat in the castle. After training he started to kill more things to save money to buy the mithril sword. With every battle he got fast, smarter, stronger, and he felt this power growing and growing but he ever did know how to get to this power to come out for him to use.

He killed more and more still saved his money to buy the items he needed. One day a new land was found. He expolered it thin once he got done another land was found but this one was strange. Webs felt more at home thin any place he had ever been in his whole life. He went form town to town looking for something that was calling to him. Webs spent day looking for a sigh or something that would tell him what to do with his life. One day he found a dark castle were they talked about this all powerful god of this land called "hades" they called this god "styles". He know that name for some reson. He now know his life what to surve his god styles for the rest of his life. As he fought in this land he found the monsters were harder thin the other lands but they gave him more stronger and more money thin the other lands. In this land he got more money faster to were he was able to get the items he so wished to have. Even with this new armor and weapions the know there was far more to get in this land thin just armor and weapions to kill mosters faster and better. So he went looking for this thing that he know was out there. One day in a town he was talking about a guild that was being build for this land. It was called "Neocramacers guild". At that point he know that it was his destony to join that guild.

As time past in this land Webs become more evil. One day he was walking throw a a mountin area. To the right about 20 metters there is a entrence to a cave. "This cave wasn't here a min ago. But for some reson i think i should so in it" Webs thought to himself. As he entered this cave a red light was shining down the tunal. Webs moved closer and closer to this light that seemed to contral over him. Webs enters a large room were this stange black cloud was in the middle of the room. This cloud seem to be waiting for him. Webs know that this was for him. He also know that he needed to step into the cloud. Once Webs steped into the cloud every thing became clear to him. He held a great evil power with 5 others. He was the leader of this group of dark beings. He know it was time to go looking for the others to they can bring back a dark power not seen for millions of years. The cloud was able to show him how to tap the hiden power within him. He know to get all his power he needed to spen time in this cloud learning all he could about his past and how to contral this power. Just over a year past before he steped out of the cloud with all the power that only immotrals have. He know know that he was a IMM of Styles. This is why he felt at home in this land. With this in mind he know he had to find this guild and join it to show Styles that he was back. But sence the guild wasn't up yet he went exploring the land for the others.

1 day webs was going out of a town. but in another part of style's domain there was a good king. this king was on a jarny to kill a evil priest. this priest lived in a cave. webs was walking along looking for a fight. he has been walking for 3 hour's looking for a good fight. he was walking along and he seen a cave this cave felt like he was meat to be here. so he want into the cave. he turned right walked a little more and thin he turned left like he know were he was going. he heard a yells and screams so he want to see what was going on. he entered a long room. there was gold just laying every were and chests full of every gold and etc. webs walked into the room more. he seen 2 guys fighting. he watched this 2 guys fighting and he seen there swords give out a bright light when that hit eith other. when webs was standing this a voic. this voice said "kill the guy this the unicorn on his choke. so webs goes over to the guy with the unicorn on his choke. and he pulls this other guy off of the guy his god told him to kill. so after pulling this 2 a part webs starts to attack this guy with the unicorn on his choke(u can guess who the guy is ;) ). so webs is really pushing in his power just to kill this guy. but webs is really starting to get bored and so he uses his finisher attack this attack is unown only webs knows what it is. thin after the fight webs walks to the temple of style's and when no 1 is looking he says some words. the room lights up and a few min's later webs walks out of the temple.

1 day webs exploring a old castle he want to a room to the left and he see some cheasts but this cheasts and a rope on thim and if u know magic u know that only trapt cheasts have ropes to close the cheasts. so he left that room and he seen a walk way. webs climbed up the later he was waling along and he seen some pic's but this pic's were weird. but why webs was on the walk way a srtanger was walking in this old castle. this stranger was walking in the court yard. webs seen a figer is the darknes. so webs moves really fast done the later. webs moves behond this stranger and webs lets out a loud yell and runs at this guy with his sword in his hand. this stranger turns and pulls out his sword. webs and this stranger start to really go at it in this fight. by the time webs and this guy is to tired to fught 12 hours have goin by. that know there pwers were almost equil so webs said we well never befit eith other. after a few min webs ask this guys name and his name was edemu. edemu also had a black cloud and he to was a powerful fighter in b2. Now Webs just need to find 3 more.

After every thing was done and over with is was night time. so webs and edemu stand the night at this castle. webs and edemu had a dream of a gril and this gril was flying over thim. so the next moring webs and edemu looked around this room. thin webs remenbered that this gril put her hand on the bed post. so webs checked the the bed post and he found a bottom. so webs pushed the bottom and the bed lifted up and webs found some scrolls. but this scrolls had a spell on thim that maks the scroll unreadbull inless u cast u go to a mage and ask him what it says. so webs puts it in his back pake. so webs and edemu left the castle to the nerest town. 1s thay got into town thay whent to a healer. in the other part of this world the kings son was looking for his dad. after a few days rest in this town webs and edemu were inteupted by the nose of people. when webs whent down starts to see what was happing there were royle army guys . and thay were puting up a pic of webs. so webs whent back up stars and told edemu to go down and get the horses ready. webs was going out the 2nd story window. so edemu did what webs said. webs and edemu whent to the forest and hid from the guys. The guys left after a few days.

Webs and Edemu went to the south and on the road thay seen a halfling starting up a camp. so Webs and Edemu thoght this whould be a good place to stay the night. as it got dark out webs asked the old halfling why are there guards every were? and the halfling said" there is a person that killed the beloved king and now his son is look for this person so he can kill him for killing his father." webs thanked the old halfling for the info. Webs and Edemu walked and walked on the 7th day thay see about 20 trops entering a cavrin and this trops had the uniforms as the once in town. so Webs and Edemu blacked thim in the cavrin.

Still working on this story. im using thing that happens to me in barp to help me write this story and i hope u like reading this story as i had writing it :) BTW any thing i write about quests is not real so if u think something write might be a quest it isn't just to make that clear.

this is the goodest pic i could find and this guy is me. 1s i find a better pic this 1 is going