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~under construction~

What is the Domain of Webs?

Domain of Webs is a JavaScript based RPG (Role Playing Game) which uses pictures for game use.
This allows almost everyone to have access to its realms, and for maximum gameplay.
Domain of Webs is free, so, if you have a spare minute, and all it takes is a minute, just try it out.
Domain of Webs has a chat center so that players may easily communicate while role playing. Good behavior is expected in Domain of Webs and its chat. (see Rules for details)
Domain of Webs will use your IP address for your and its safety. This information will not be sold or given.
Who is in Control?

In Domain of Webs, the Master is Webs.
The Gods consist of:
(in no particular order)

FlamePuzzle (second in command)
Fephisto (second in command)

And last but not least, the first and only (so far) immortal:

Before entering the game, you must recognize that these are the positions of power.
Immortals are the position before Gods, and these will be picked as the game goes on.
Can you become an immortal? Maybe.
Email the Master for details.

Domain of Webs has just a few rules that we would like you to obey.

1. Do not spam or use unacceptable language in the chat. Repeated breaking of this rule will result in banning.
2. No viruses or code will be entered in the chat room without Webs' personal consent. Breaking of this rule will result in a fee of $10,000.
3. No chasing new people away! If a God or Imm witnesses this, your character will be deleted, no questions asked.
4. No swearing. Some swearing will be bleeped out, but not all. Repeated breaking of this rule will result in banning.
5. Do not create a profane name. Repeated breaking of this rule will result in banning.
6. Realize the Gods and Immortals hold power over you, and are authorized to delete or ban your character.
7. Abide by these rules, and have fun! Just because you have to follow some rules does NOT mean you should worry! Don't worry...if you slip, you'll be given a second chance and so on, on most subjects._

Later on in Domain of Webs' production, (specifically this week) this site will have sections to visit. As for now, to pass your time, please visit these site.
They are all considered good.
Hint- Put your mouse over the link and read the info on the status bar at the bottom.

~~this site designed by FlamePuzzle~~