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Name: Lachlan Zer'tathis
Race: Drow
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 32

Lachlan is a beautiful creature, cloaked in no fineries. A vest made of soft leather and a pair of travel-worn trousers, accompanied by a cloak of deep purple, encircles the frail form of the male drow. Smaller then most of his kind, what he lacks in strength is made up in his graceful movements, often being mistaken as simply a shadow wavering in the wind. Two scimitars rest on his hip, though crafted specially for his strength impairment. A short bow rest over one shoulder and a quiver full of arrows is strapped to his back. His eyes, an odd pigment of bright blue-violent, exaggerates his sharp features and silvery flowing hair.

Though his journey to Krynn is much of a mystery (having been shifted into this plane from his homeworld by a wizard), the young drow has traveled the paths for several years, trying to desperately escape the tyranny of his elder sister, Erinn, who hunts him constantly. His love for his sister remains deep, as they travel through Krynn, he hopes she'll revert her dark perversions.