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Kordeth Leafchaser

Kordeth Leafchaser

   Ebon hair gently falls over slim shoulders. His robes are of a soft crimson velvet, trimmed with gold fabric, split at the thighs, and trailing to near-ground length. The robe allows a brief view of the deep sage trousers and well shinned boots. Azure crystaline eyes, are enhanced in beauty by the winter fall of snow. Skin the color of fragile porclain, only seems to exaggerate his delicately carved muscles. Gloves cover his hands, a  belt of black leather, holds several pouches.
   Recently overcome by a head injury, his mood has changed, as well as his detitcation to his art. Often seen study, and not much more, his eyes are full of wonder. Though he will never reject to social conversation, he may apear shy and disinterested at first, but he enjoys a good laugh and a friendly atmostphere.

Name: Kordeth Leafchaser
Race: Silvanesti
Class: Apprentice Wizard
Age: Apears about fifteen