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Alefi Fizzlebane

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Name: Alefi Fizzlebane
Race: Afflicted Kender
Class: Cleric/Chosen one of Paladine
Alignment: Lawful Good

Eyes: Green
Hair: Light Auburn
Skin: Pale milk
Weapon: Staff named, "Heart of E'li" (Bares the ability to warn of undead approaching, and a self protection against undead)

Description: Bright auburn hair and her milk-white skin are nothing in small beauty then the color of her eyes. Though both marked with a permanant scar of gray cloudiness, the green never fails to draw people towards her.
"It is as though the gods placed all of the green of the earth and placed them into her eyes." An elven warrior once commented.
She usually is found wearing robes of soft ivory, simple in elegance yet nothing short of splendid and useful. The robes, almost silk to the touch, are trimmed in golden velvet. Her staff is almost always in her hand and glows almost ever-so with seven 'stars' that hover around the harp of the stave.

History: Alefi Fizzlebane was once as any normal kender, though even baring a slight affliction at birth, she always enjoyed exploring other's pouches and a good run across the fields. She was captivated by a cleric of Paladine whom she met during wanderlust. Interested, she was taught by this cleric the ways of Paladine, and eventually was chosen to become one of his clerics.
She settled down almost immediatly, taking her new found life with pride and detication. After her beloved friend was killed by a small mass of undead, she knew the horrors these monsters held and vowed a quest to slay them for the sake of her friend and all others who perish to their evil.
During her march of finding herself gifted with such strong powers against the undead, she settled in a Temple of Paladine in Solamnia, where she was met with much caution herself, but soon the Priest become slack when they fell in love with the small kender cleric.
It was here she was given the Staff "Heart of E'li" by an elven priest who had particulary treasured the small woman.
She then journeyed to Kip's place, hearing of the undead that lay there, she set out to aid in the fight of ridden the place of them. Unforuntely, her quest was cut short when the vampire, Kiss of the frog~, permantly shattered her dreams, turning them into nightmares and leaving her far beyond afflicted then any kender has ever been. The emotional and psyical scar that was left is apearant in her thin and withered frame, and the dark circles almost ever present beneath the beautiful eyes.
She journies on, dispite the taint that has fallen her, using it to strengthen her, instead of bringing her down. After several months of recovering from the illness and shock that overcome her due to the vampire's touch, she has returned to Kip's, in hopes of finding her old friends, and new friends alike, and hopefully leading those of evil back into the light.

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