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Suikoden 2 characters

Suikoden 2 characters

Chiyu Star - Wakaba
Age - 15
Gender - Female
How to recruit - Being the excellent martial arts student she is, Wakaba will only join a strong leader. To convince her that you're worthy, you must be at least at level 30, with your castle and level 2. She can be found outside the armory in Forest Village.
A little about the Star - Hooray for Wakaba! She's so cool! She's the bearer of the White Tiger Rune, by far one of the best runes in the game. Wakaba is fast, powerful, and one hell of an ally. I often have her in my party. ^^ She's awesome!

Chii Star - Maximillian
Age - 65
Gender - Male
How to recruit - After your castle has reached level 3 and you've defeated Luca Blight, head back to South Window. He'll be at the main entrance. Listen to what he has to say, then ask him to join you.
A little about the Star - Max has been around for a while. He was old in the first Suikoden, and he's still running around and fighting in the second one! That's either impressive or scary, heh. Max has a lot of staying power, to say the least. He's as hyperactive as a five-year-old! I guess he's just young at heart - and that's good.

Chiei Star - Genshu
Age - 37
Gender - Male
How to recruit - You'll meet Genshu much earlier than you can recruit him. To get him to join your team, your castle must be at level 4 and your weapon must be at level 14. (Hard to please, eh?) He can be found at the docks of Coronet Town.
A little about the Star - Hee, Genshu is pretty... ^^ It's such a pity that he won't join you until near the end of the game! *sniff* He's one awesome guy. His Swallow Rune is great! It amazes me every time he uses it. ^^ Genshu is easily one of my favorite characters in this game!

Chiki Star - Camus
Age - 27
Gender - Male
How to recruit - Camus automatically joins you after the events in Rockaxe.
A little about the Star - A knight to his very bones, Camus is chivalrous, strong, and kind. He's also really cute... *grin* He is the former leader of the Red Knights of Rockaxe castle, but most of them followed his example and left as well, so I guess he IS still their leader.. Hmm. Camus wields the Rage Rune, a stronger version of the typical Fire Runes. It's ironic, though - Miklotov is more suited to fire.. Camus is calm and collected; not a typical fire personality. And I'm babbling again. *sigh* Anyway, Camus is a sweetie. I love him a whole bunch. ^^ And him and Miki make SUCH a cute couple.. hehe..

Chimou Star - Miklotov
Age - 26
Gender - Male
How to recruit - Miklotov automatically joins you after the events in Rockaxe.
A little about the Star - Miki-kun! *giggle* Yeah, that's my nickname for him. ^^ Another knight through and through, Miki is more hotheaded and rash than Camus. Personally, I think he should be the one with the Rage Rune, but he's equipped with the Knight Rune instead. Go fig. *shrug* Miki is the former commander of the Blue Knights of Rockaxe castle. I gotta admit, I was really impressed when Miki told that asshole Gorudo (commander of all the Rockaxe knights) that he wouldn't be told what to do anymore. Follow your heart, Miki! You're awesome! I admire this guy. He rocks. ^^

Chibun Star - Jude
Age - 22
Gender - Male
How to recruit - Jude is a rather difficult guy to recruit. After you liberate Greenhill, head over to the Blacksmith classroom and talk to him. He'll tell you that he's out of clay, so pay a visit to Forest Village and talk to the man hiding in the back of the forest. He'll give you some clay; give this to Jude and he'll galdly join you.
A little about the Star - The resident sculptor of Suikoden, Jude loves his work. When he joins you, he brings with him the ability to build a mascot for your castle. You have to find the various manuscripts throughout the game and give them to Jude for him to be able to put them to use. He can create many different "guardian dieties" for the castle, some that are quite scary... Creating strange statues never failed to amuse me, though. ^^

Chisei Star - Lebrante
Age - 40
Gender - Male
How to recruit - To acquire Lebrante's services, you must impress him. Bring him a Celadon Vase when your castle is at level 3 and you'll have your own personal appraiser. He can be found in the appraiser's shop (his own) in Radat Town.
A little about the Star - Lebrante is an appraiser who loves rare and old relics. After he joins you, you'll never have to leave your castle to have something appraised again.

Chikatsu Star - Lorelai
Age - 28
Gender - Female
How to recruit - Lorelai can be found wondering around Gregminster. She values strength above all else (some things never change. ^^), so she'll only join you if your castle is at level 3 or higher.
A little about the Star - Yaay! More returning characters! Lorelai is sooo cool! She was a constant in my party after she joined me in Suikoden 1, so of course I'm more then overjoyed to have her in 2! Lorelai is an adventurer, going wherever she pleases. In Suikoden 2, it seems that she has developed an intrest in the Sindar, just like Killey. (He sees her as a rival, as well.) Personally, I think they'd make a cute couple. ^^ Lorelai is a great person to have in your party, not just because she rocks. Trust me. *grin*

Chitou Star - Tony
Age - 19
Gender - Male
How to recruit - After your castle reaches level 2, head over to Forest Village. Tony can be found in the mayor's house.
A little about the Star - After you have Tony at your castle, the troops will never go hungry again. He takes on the task of growing and tending to the vegatables. The more seeds you bring him, the more plants he'll have in his garden. Tony also lets you play one of the most addiction mini-games in Suikoden 2 - Wack-A-Mole! True, you don't get anything important for playing it, but it's damn fun!

Chikyou Star - Gijimu
Age - 39
Gender - Male
How to recruit - Gijimu will automatically join you after you defeat Neclord.
A little about the Star - Gijumu is Koyu's older brother, and is either Lo Wen's brother as well, or her husband.. it's never really specified, is it? Um, if you know for sure, please drop me a line and tell me! This bugs me to no end... -_-;; Anyway, Gijimu can usually be found at the bar, drinking himself silly. (Sound like someone else? *coughVIKTORcough*)

Chian Star - Rikimaru
Age - 25
Gender - Male
How to recruit - Rikimaru can be found early in the game, collapsed near the entrance of Ryube Village. Offer feed him, then pay for his food, and he'll gladly join you. If you miss Rikimaru here, you can later find him in Coronet Town.
A little about the Star - Jeez, can this guy eat! When you first meet him, he's almost dead from hunger. That doesn't discourage him from eating nearly everything he can get his hands on, though! If you're kind enough to pay for his meal, he'll be a lifelong ally to you - as long as you continue feeding him, that. is, heh.

Chijuku Star - GantetsuUm... no pic for him yet... gomen... ^^;;
Age - 45
Gender - Male
How to recruit - After defeating Neclord, return to South Window and challenge Gantetsu. When you beat him, he will join you.
A little about the Star - Gantetsu values strength above all else. He is also a priest, making him sympathetic to the many casualities of war. After joining you, he can oftentimes be found in the graveyard, mourning the poor souls who lost thier lives in battle.

Chikai Star - Simone
Age - 32
Gender - Um... heh heh... your guess is as good as mine... -_-;;
How to recruit - After your castle reaches Level 3, Simone will be standing near the left bank of the sluice in Radat Town. Give him (her?) a Rose Brooch and he will join you. (The Rose Brooch can be found in Banner's item shop under Rare Items.)
A little about the Star - Male or female? Who knows? With a name like "Simone", one would assume that this is a woman, but... *sighs and gives up* I guess it really doesn't matter, eh? This person is actually a pretty good fighter, so if the gender issue doesn't bother and/or confuse you, Simone really would be a good addition to your party.

Chisa Star - Connell
Age - 12
Gender - Male
How to recruit - Connell is in Forest Village in one of the houses. (I don't remember which.. gomen..) If your castle is at Level 3, go visit him with one of your Sound Sets and he'll gladly join you.
A little about the Star - Awww, he's so cute!! *pinches Connell's cheek* Wai! This boy is adorable. He reminds me of Quatre from Gundam Wing. ^^ This little guy lets you change the sounds your cursor thingie makes if you collect the Sound Sets.

Chiyu Star - Hans
Age - 33
Gender - Male
How to recruit - Hans can be found inside the Inn of Two River. Talk to him and ask him to join you, and you'll have your own personal amorer.
A little about the Star - Hans always wanted to open an armor shop, and after joining the hero and his group he had his wish. Hans runs an awesome armory that carries all of the weapons, armor, etc that you've seen so far in the game! It's right in your own castle, too! Talk about convienent. ^^

Chirei Star - Huan
Age - 34
Gender - Male
How to recruit - Huan automatically joins you after you aquire your headquarters.
A little about the Star - Huan is a kind, gentle doctor who is always busy healing people. He loves what he does, however, and doesn't mind working. He's a really sweet guy that feels other people's pain and will do whatever he can to help them out.

Chijyu Star - Tuta
Age - 11
Gender - Male
How to recruit - You meet Tuta early in the game, and he even joins you for a bit, but he won't join you for good until you meet him again in Muse.
A little about the Star - Tuta's another little cutie. Aww.. ^^ Heh, at first I thought he was a girl.. whoops. ^^;; He is usually hanging around Doctor Huan, helping him take care of hid patients. He's a junior doctor in training!

Chibi Star - Futch
Age - 14
Gender - Male
How to recruit - Futch can be found in Highway Village, along with Humphrey. If you take them up on their offer to go on a quest, both of them will join you.
A little about the Star - The only Dragon Knight in Suikoden 2 (that made me sad..), Futch is currently without the most important thing for a Dragon Knight to have - his dragon. During the events of Suikoden 1, Futch lost his beloved dragon, Black. Since then, he has refused to have anything to do with dragons; the loss of Black hurt him too much. Who knows, though... perhaps he'll stumble upon another hatchling in need of care... ^^

Chikyu Star - Kasumi
Age - 19
Gender - Female
How to recruit - When you enter Gregminster and talk with Lepant, he offers to lend you the services of tow of his best warriors. One of them is Kasumi; choose her to have the ninja join you.
A little about the Star - Wai! Another returning character! I love Kasumi. Man, she's so cool! She rarely left my party in either game. This chick kicks ass. ^^ With a name that means "mist", she's one of the best ninjas, quick and stealthy. She has the extremely cool Shrike Rune equipped, and she can do tons of damage with it! The poor girl is also very much in love with the hero of Suikoden 1, which is a depressing thing indeed... but I'm not gonna tell you why here. Go play the game to find out - and make sure you recruit Kasumi! She rocks! ^^

Chibaku Star - Badeaux
Age - 38
Gender - Male
How to recruit - Badeaux is a hard guy to figure out - I couldn't understand why he wouldn't join me at first. You can find him standing along the side of the forest path into Matilda. He'll only join you if you talk to him with a party of all animals - Shiro, Mukumuku, etc - and your Castle is at level 3.
A little about the Star - Badeaux is a man of very few words - or perhaps he speaks a language that only animals can hear. He's usually meditating outside somewhere; the man loves the outdoors and any and all animals. When he joins you, he gives you two very valuable Listening Runes that can be used to recruit the various animal Stars. You can only use each of the Runes once, however, so choose wisely!