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Zero Silvershade >Age 17, Height 5'11, Weight 133, Eyes Dark Blue, Hair >Black >Attire: Black boots with steel rims and blades on the >side that fire on a twist of his feet,black shirt that >is slightly padded,studded silver vest of black,jean >and leather pants-sewn into one for >strength,durability, and speed,black steel rimmed >shades-like the Matrix, another pair of his own >design,but similar to the matrix,and finally like >those of Reddick in Pitch Black, and a heel-long coat >of black that is thin,yet strong >Weapons: Silver gunblade- Silver Silencer, Steel >gunblade with a renforced blade- Fire Cross, Wrist >blades encased in a wrist sheath of silver that goes >to his elbows under his coat, his boot blades, a >chakrum with a silver spiral-like design, and a marble >cross sword >Special: Xerthon- an element embedded into his body >that is completely unstable, and causes various >effects when exposed to the air, but can be controlled >partly by him due to adaption, this element is kept >stable by element 117, Silvera, which gives him the >black-silver look suit when he releases his Xerthon >into an open area around his body. Xerthon can become >and create anything, literally, even such that we've >not seen in any world yet, he has a small tube >extending from his wrist sheathes that allows xerthon >to be pulled from his body and shot out in small >amounts >Replication-Zero was born with the ability to learn >skills from people that he either defeats, kills, >allow hi to partly take over their bodies, through >time-space, and also by mental ability, thewse >abilities are weaker when learned invoulantarily, >except when the abilities are free, in other words, >the person is badly hurt or dead, or if the person >allows it >Zero has learned these abilities through his >Jenesi-born Replication: Celerity-lv 11, Clarity, >Severty, Strength enhancement, Aurality-3rd degree, >and much more >Zero was born with various abilities, though some >weaker then would be if he had not enhanced them from >defeating opponents, such are as follows: >Planelast[origional],Celerity[his was lv 1- he was and >is part vampire], Limit, Strength >Enhancement,Aurality,Diversion, Magics of many kinds >Magics: Ultima, Rachos[origional],Flare, Fires[s means >all of that kind],Ices, Bolts, Cures, Torre >[origional],Reverbr[origional], the list goes on, I'll >mail ou more if you like, and i'll be sure you get all >his origional spells, keep in mind, when he was born, >they weren't very strong, some[most] undiscovered >Limits: As Zero traveled he gained many techniques >from the poeple of different universes, gaining this >ability in strong proportion >Zero Divide-a rensozuken-like attack >Force Hit[Supernova]-a series of slams into and >through every planet into the sun's core where a >supernova destroys most of the enemy's life[if not >all] >Sever-a special slash with Zero's sword causing >chaotic damage >Shockwave Impulse-a blast that throws an emeny back >farther then Zero can see, sometimes ripping the enemy >into peices >Accretion Flare-a black blast of energy gathered >through time, space, and things beyond comprehension >focused into single ray of death >Synchrotin-a blast the exact opposite force of >Accretion Flare >Zero7-All of Zero's strongest abilities in one feirce >attack >Zero's Skills: As you should know, Zero has extream >abilities, his speed is beyond that of most any life >from, his agaility is amazing, his intelligence is >beyond most that anyone can comprehend[for him*looks >are deciving*], his strength is amazing[especially for >his size O_O], and his ability of endurance is one of >the strongest you'll ever find >[if you want stats according to different games, I'll >give 'em to ya.] >Bio:Zero was formerly the man of no name when he came >to the Realm of Ayenee, since time has passed, it has >been found that Zero is not a person, but part of a >large essence that makes up the universe of Zero, >several names he created for himself are just a sign >that he is one of many, a seperated person to guide >all, a peice of the universe seperated into people,and >now he seeks to find a little identity in his life, a >meaning to his existance... >In the past, Zero went by the name of AJ, something he >created from many sources, one being Apocilispe >Jenesi, from the destruction of his planet[ there was >a star in the center that supernovaed, you'll find out >about that later as he travels with Kit through >space], under this Identity, he tried to create what >he thought people expected of him, to try to fit in, >to no avail, he went partially insane, killing some of >those who were close, restoring them to health, he >soon left to seek a new resonance to follow, landing >on poor souls and giving their lives what his couldn't >hold, then, as Zero became ambitious for his own >desires again, he made his way to number one in >Ayenee, becoming what he thought was one of his >dreams, but finding it nothing but too simple, he went >crazy then trying to find a challenge, running into >problms with what he valued, then losing his memory >when he was partly killed, and starting from what he >thought was nothing, but his hidden conciousness >tapped into the minds of others and helped regain >parts of his memory, now mostly only bad has left his >mind from what was past, and he has retained muh of >the good, yet, unfourtunatley, not all >When Zero died as AJ, he took on this new identity of >Zero, it fit him perfectly, he had no real idenity >besides that he tried to create, zero hope, zero life, >zero kelvin in his heart is how he came to this world, >it was a perfect combination of his hate, hurt, and >love >Soon he will have learned of his other parts, through >thier journeys, and become a connection to them, when, >no one knows, but Zero knows something a such is going >to happen, he can sense it, it's in his dreams... >Spectra-a blast of the 7 main elements in the world, >composed to create a fury of destruction >Umbersubduction-a heavry gravity ball that absorbs >part of the enemy, then sinks the enemy into the orb >where death, countdown, and flare are cast >Caldera-a large flare attack >Black Body-absorbs a chosen attack and re-emits it 7 >times as strong >Umberganule-a blinding light that casts pearl and >auto-pholec >Tropos- a suffication attack >Cerestoid-a large astroid seering an enemy >Corona-flare times 5 >Treizeeman- Earth sepearates into 3 forms, all an >exact replica of Earth, but unstable to a certain >environment, those then being technicly dismantled >Cerenkov-a group of several light-passing particles >that blaze through an enemy >Rachos-Ultima3-a sever blast of blue that is filled >with accererated atoms >Preturb-Demi5-prticles ripping someone apart >Umbra-a rarefaction blast of a black hole's core >Reverbr- relfect on whole party >Regala-Ice5 >Rarefact-an enemy's own body rips apart >Pholec_ a gathering of photo-electric energy released >in liquid acid, plasma, electrons, fire, and >supersonic lights seering through an enemy >Alager-Fire5 >Albedon-a light pillar so violent it rips an enemy's >atoms from it's body faster then 1000 years at once >Calderan Cephid-an enemy is whipped into a crater >where a volcanoe engulfs the victim