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Manga Links

I will not be updating this site at all. (gomen nesai! gomen nesai! gomen nesai! gomen nesai! gomen nesai! gomen nesai! gomen nesai! gomen nesai! gomen nesai! gomen nesai!) I am sorry that I have forgotten about this for 3 years. I have a life outside of finding sites for you people. Do you understand what it took to get this many links on this page. I had to ask each and every web master that owned the sites on this page for their permission to be able to link their page on this one. I now have about 150 links for manga and I do not want to ask 150 people for their permission to link their site. When I made this page, it was for my own use. I did not make expect it to be so popular. I had too many links in my favorites folder. I'm sorry this maybe harsh but you can find sites on your own, like I did. If you really look you can do it. I may in the future update or remake this site most likely remake, but don't hold your breath. Again I am very sorry, and thank you for visiting. It pisses me off that you are so frusterated that I have not updated the site. It's my own perogitave if I do or not. I do not own the hotmail address anymore because of the damn junk mail.

Behold, The Void: Leareth's Page Tokyo Babylon.
Caffeinated Scans Revolutionary Girl Utena (Issues 1-3), 3x3 Eyes (Issue 1), Neon Genesis Evangelion (Issue 27)
Ch0n0's Realm Bad Company and others.
Cloud's Anime Page Rurouni Kenshin (vol. 20-22), Orphan (vol 1-3 part of 4), Lain - The Nightmare of Fabrication (all?), Inu Yasha (Vol 1).
Dark Wings, DNAngel scanlations DNAngel.
DG Comics Casting of the Sword.
DNA˛ scans DNA˛ scans all Volumes (1-5, All)
Dual Translations Ghost in the Shell 2 (Not ready yet), Yawara (Vol 1 ch. 1-9), Flcl (vol 1 ch. 1), Excel (vol 1 ch 1-2) and others.
Gololo's Mirror 3x3 Eyes, I"s (volumes 7 and 8), Love Hina (volumes 9-10), Ghost in the Shell 1 (DOWN)
Hanakimi - Translated Scans Hanakimi.
Himechan Angel Dust, Hiiro no Ken, Operation Wing. Japanese scans with near English text.
Hope's Anime Homepage Saint Seya.
I"s Scans I"s Scans (volumes 1-6, 9-15)
Angelic Layer (ch 1-17), Marie & Elie's Atelier (ch 1,2).
Love Hina Scans Love Hina Scans (Volumes 1-8)
Video Girl AI (ch 1-3), Peach Girl (issue 1-4), Inu-Yasha, Magic Knights Rayearth, Dark Stalkers Revenge, Ayashi no Ceres.
Manga Maniac Chirality, Plastic Little, Ghost in the Shell, Vampire Princess Miyu. German site, but with english scans.
Mangaserv DragonBall (vol.1), Slayers (vol.1),I's (ch.1-9),Kenshin (ch.1), Oh My Goddess (Mara Strikes Back), Evangelion (vol.13), Shadow Lady, Record of Lodoss War, Yuyu Hakusho,Fushigi Yuugi, Kimagure Orange Road.
Mega Man Realities Ah My Goddess, Shadow Lady, Fushigi Yuugi, Megaman X.
New Ranma ˝ Project Ranma ˝ (volumes 17-38)
North American Manga Scan Page Slayers (issues 1-6), The Sorcerer/Bakuretsu Hunters (issue 1-3), Record of the Lodoss War (issues 1-8), Dark Angel (issues 1-3) Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne.
Royal Slumber Translations Royal Slumber.
Rurouni Kenshin Manga Translations Rurouni Kenshin.
Rurouni Kenshin: Tales of the Swirly-Eyed Samurai Rurouni Kenshin (first 89 chapters so far)
Scanned Manga HQ 3x3 eyes, Battle Angel Alita, DragonBall, IronFist, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Sailor Moon, Urusei Yatsura. (down?)
Scanned Translations @Clouds Up Wish Manga (All Volumes).
School of Hard Knocks GTO.
Spaceports Guyver (ch 47-52).
Spire Studio Golden Week.
Ranma ˝ (various chapters) Last two books of Ranma ˝ as well. Serious Scars, Mikazuchi Den: A Legendary Sword play, Digi Charat, others. Serious Scars is good, and those who love Rurouni Kenshin will like Mikazuchi Den.
Houshin Engi ( chapters 1-6), Ayashi No Ceres (chapters 1-3), Slayers (chapters 3 & 6), Fushigi Yuugi ( chapters 8 & 16), and others.
The Room O' Manga Crayon Shinchan, G-Hard. The downloads seem to be down until October 2001.
The Sanctum Go the list page to see what they have. (second floor for manga). Seems to be off-line for the time being.
Toriyama's World Go! Go! Ackman, Trigun Maximum, Black cat, + Anima, Naruto, One-shots, Sandland, Kajika, Cowa, Dr Slump, Hikaru no Go, Kenshin, Dragon Ball, Bremen, Zetman, I's, Trigun, Kinnikuman, HunterxHunter, Angelic Layer (Also has lots of information on Toriyama with other various translated scans).
Water splash Magic Knight Reyearth.
YYH Manga in English Yu Yu Hakusho.
Z Anime - Better than you! Angelic Layer, Berserk, Dark Angel, Exon Depot, Ghost in the Shell, Hana Yori Dango, Lain-Nightmare of Fabricon, Lodoss War, Slayers, Shadow Lady, Sorcerer Hunters.

(Has no name) Neon Genesis Evangelion (stage 13-15), Berserk (Vol 1, Vol 18), Akira (issue 1)
(Has no name) Random X scans.

Le Warez de la BD Akira, DragonBall, Oh My Goddess.
Le Site de Chgros and Max DragonBall (vol 1-3), Saint Seiya (vol 1,2,19-22), Dragon Fall (vol 1,2), Fly (vol 1), Kimagure Orange Road (vol 1), City Hunter (vol 23-26)
Manga Scans Akira, DragonBall, GunSmith Cats, Slayers, Video Girl AI.
ALL-MANGA They say they will have manga scans soon.


Mangas escaneados Dragon Half, Berserk, Love Hina (english), Video Girl (spanish) and a lot in portuguese

Manga Center Search Engine. English

Huge thanks to Tiberius Jax for many of the links here.