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 Rastadintalbo, “The Mad-Gnome”

by Tyson Neumann

Male gnome, Exp 2/Rog 5/Brd 5



Fort. Save



17 (+3)

Ref. Save



13 (+1)

Will Save



18 (+4)








17 (+3)


S (3'6”)

Armor Class


Melee Attack


Hit Points


Ranged Attack


+2 Dexterity, -2 Strength, +2 Listen & Alchemy Checks, +2 racial bonus on Knowledge and Profession skill checks involving mechanics or tinkering, +2 Save vs. Illusions, +4 dodge bonus against ogres, +1 to Attack vs. Kobolds & Goblinoids, Low-Light Vision.
Automatic Languages: Gnomish, Common. Bonus Languages: Ergot, Goblin, Ogre, Solamnic.  Favored Class: Expert
Simple Weapon Proficiency, Rogue Weapon Proficiencies, Light & Medium Armor Proficiency, Shield Proficiency
Bardic Music, Bardic Knowledge, Evasion, Sneak Attack +3d6, Traps, Uncanny Dodge

Skills (144): Alchemy +10, Appraise +2, Balance +5, Climb +8, Concentration +4, Decipher Script +3, Disable Device +10, Disguise +8, Escape Artist +3, Gather Information +1, Hide +10, Knowledge (Arcana) +4, Knowledge (Mechanics) +10, Listen +3, Move Silently +10, Open Locks +7, Perform +10, Pickpocket +8, Profession (Tinkering) +11, Read Lips +2, Search +3, Spellcraft +4, Spot +3, Tumble +5, Use Magical Device +4

Feats (5): Brew Potion, Craft Wondrous Item, Improved Initiative, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, thieves’ tools, tinker gnome’s tools

Possessions: bag of Rasta’s Strobe Stones (see below), leather armor, lyre, recorder, shortbow with quiver of arrows, short sword

Bard Spells Known: 0 level: Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Ghost Sounds, Lights, Prestidigitation, Read Magic.  1st level: Alarm, Charm Person, Cure Light Wounds, Identify.  2nd level: Darkness, Daylight, Hypnotic Pattern.

Background: RastadintalboSonOfTheImperiousIllustriousGrebrockulousTheThirdSonofArcrealousTheInventorOfTheGnomishFiddleWingerGadgetBander… was born to two very accomplished tinker gnomes renowned for both their great heritage and their inventions.  Akin to the son of nobility, Rastadintalbo was bred and trained to carry on the family tradition as a masterful craftsgnome, brilliant committee overseer, and genius guild master of Sancrist.  This destiny, of course, carried with it immense stress and mental battering.

Despite the stress, it seemed that Rastadintalbo would not only meet, but even exceed expectations.  Elder tinker gnomes wowed at his brilliance with such things as the RemovableAttachableFlyingGnomeSaverWithBackupPersonalFloatationBouyantAirSeaGliderFloater and the ever popular DoubleColdArticEateryKeeperWithBuiltInCombustionReheaterItemWarmer.  But then, on his 42nd birthday, the day he would be honored with the award of the year for MostCreativeAndInventiveGnomishCreatorAndInventor, something snapped inside of his mind:  Rastadintalbo realized that his inventions were overly done, overly complex, and overly large; realized that the RemovableAttachableFlyingGnomeSaverWithBackupPersonalFloatationBouyantAirSeaGliderFloater could be made more reliable and weight less if he used only one parachute with only one backup set of glider wings, and no pigeons or kegs; realized that his most popular invention, the DoubleColdArticEateryKeeperWithBuiltInCombustionReheaterItemWarmer could be made 1/10th the size and consume 1/5th the power if he removed three of the steam engines, 5 cogs, 23 pulleys, and 17 hamsters.  And it all would cost less.

With these realizations in mind, Rastadintalbo accepted his award on his 42nd birthday and used his acceptance speech to make his new found ideas known.

At first, the gathered crowd of elite tinker gnomes of Sancrist went silent, not sure if Rastadintalbo was making some sort of lewd joke.  Soon, though, some of the eldest in attendance realized what had happened – RastadintalboThePromisingBrilliantMasterfulSavantSonOf… had succumbed to ‘Mad-Gnome Disease,’ a rare but devastating disease in which a tinker gnome loses his sense of technologic complexity – a fate worse than death for most.  Whispers flowed through the crowd like a killer whale in a still lake, and Rastadintalbo was whisked away to the Medical Guild for further evaluation and treatment with the latest of gadgetry…

Years after his escape from the Medical Guild of Sancrist using a simple but effective invention, Rastadintalbo roams the lands of Krynn as an outcast of gnomish society.  Depressed at first with his plight, the Mad-Gnome learned to deal with his problems by keeping himself busy, either inventing or learning new professions.  Eventually he stumbled upon Hylo, the odd but curious nation of the Kender, where he first learned his abilities as a Rogue.  After somehow losing all of his neatest possessions, Rastadintalbo gained in his reputation as the Mad-Gnome after saving a small group of Kender through the use of a simple combustion powered object lifter.  The Kender ooohhhed and aaahhhed at the simplicity of the device, but more so at the fact that it worked on the first try.

Finding the Kender to be accepting companions, and fun to be around (though rather costly in items), Rastadintalbo set out with one such Kender named Barrowhoof on his lifequest to record and map the world’s laws, rules, and ways of government so as to compile an encyclopedia of useless pragmatism.  During their travels, the duo met and befriended Helistar the Magnificent, a humorous, if not effective Bard.  Together, the trio built a name for themselves by using strange and unique methods to solve the problems of those they met.

Playing into the role of the Mad-Gnome, Rastadintalbo learned the ways of the Bard from Helistar in an attempt to further simplify many of his inventions – a fact that makes many gnomes cringe.  In an attempt to reach simplicity, Rastadintalbo created his infamous strobe stones to show how a myriad of effects could be produced without tinkering.  The resulting magic items were a big hit amongst kinder, but further solidified his position as an outcast, Mad-Gnome.

Rasta’s Strobe Stones

These simple stones radiate magical darkness and daylight in a rapidly alternating pattern within a 20-foot radius to produce a strobe effect.  All creatures within the area of effect must make a one time Will save at DC 12 or be dazzled.  (Dazzled creatures are unable to see well because of over stimulation of the eyes. A dazzled creature suffers a -1 penalty on attack rolls until the effect ends.)

If the stones are placed inside or under a lightproof covering, their effects are blocked until the covering is removed and creatures that can't see visible light are immune to the effects of Rasta's Strobe Stones.  Rasta's Strenuous Strobe will not dispel magical darkness or light, but will still create the strobe effect if placed within the area of such magical effects.  The Strobe Stones confer the benefits of the spells daylight and darkness at a lesser effect: creatures normally affected by the effects of either daylight or darkness are allowed a separate Will save at DC 12 to ignore any adverse effects associated with the full version of these spells.

Rasta's Strobe Stones only function while there is music in the air.  This may be as simple as humming a tune, as complex as an orchestra, or by use of ghost sounds spell.  The sound needs only be audible at the site of the Strobe Stones.  A Perform skill check at DC 10 will activate the Strobe Stones.  When the spell ghost sounds is used, the Perform skill check must be made at the time of casting.

Weight: - Caster Level: 5th Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, daylight, darkness Market Value: 1500gp

Adventure Nuggets:  The Mad-Gnome’s recent compact invention, the personal dragon catcher, has been stolen for the leader of the local thieves guild because of the implications of the name.  In fact, the personal dragon catcher is simply a steam powered canon that expels a 100-foot diameter net with spider silk thread meant to capture large airborne creatures.  Rastadintalbo wants the characters help in recovering the invention.

Rastadintalbo’s family or the Sancrist gnomish Medical Guild has hired some powerful bounty hunters to find him and return him to Sancrist for treatment of his illness.  The PCs could be the bounty hunters, or they could help Rastadintalbo escape capture.

Rastadintalbo has created a cross technological and magical invention that he thinks the gnomes of Sancrist would appreciate.  In an attempt to reverse his dishonor in Sancrist, Rastadintalbo employs the PCs to take the invention to Sancrist and hopefully reverse the claims that Rastadintalbo is a Mad-Gnome.  Rastadintalbo needs the PCs to do this for two reasons: first, he’s afraid to return to Sancrist, and secondly, he has heard that the thieves guild wants his invention for their own.

Rastadintalbo’s kender friend Barrowhoof has been captured by the Knights of Takhisis and is to be put to death for the theft of a powerful magical ‘bauble’ sacred to Takhisis.  Rastadintalbo needs the PCs help to infiltrate the Temple of Takhisis before Nuitari (the black moon) next becomes full, at which time Barrowhoof will ‘take part’ in a sacrificial ceremony to ‘atone’ for his blasphemy against Takhisis.  Nuitari next becomes full in 4 days.