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Welcome to Slayers Atlantis, a Slayers Message board RPG. Feel free to dive in and start playing. However, before playing make sure you take a look at the rules and what chars are taken. Also, if you plan on staying in the RPG for more then a week or so, e-mail me so I can make sure you get the newsletter about the RPG, which will be mailed out to the members at least once a week on either Friday, Saterday, or Sunday to update you on what's happening. Original Characters will be allowed but all info about them must be e-mailed to me. Have fun!
Lady Luna
July 4, 2001: Eh heh... Please don't e-mail me to tell me that you want to join... Not a good idea, since I have ta close the RPG... Not enough participation going on, and plus I've got School Work to take care of... Maybe Some day later when I've got more time to work on it. Sorry. June 11, 2001: I finally got to updating again. I added the other members who joined (Xelloss and Clarisse), And Got rid of the Newsletter section... I don't know if I'd be able to have enough time to write one up... so Whether I'll actually do that is in mid-air. I'm working on the minimum info needed for original characters, and working on the Royal and Knight info as well. Those will be up soon, hopefully...
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