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So you wish to join the RPG? Well here's who hasn't been taken and can be a part of our cast. * means that this character for the most part is UnNamed, but a shorter Profile is used. All Info, with the exception of a few things are made by the Player but although made by the player for the most part, they don't count as original characters.

** means that this character isn't taken yet, but it has been reserved by someone who either can't RP at the moment or is rewriting a profile that was rejected. You may try out for that character, but unless you were the one it was reserved for or you get your profile in before the other person and it gets past me, you won't get the part.
5/11/2001: none of the Links in the table are set up, so don't click yet!
5/16/2001: Take note that for the Secondary knights of Ceified and Ruby eyes's Knight may end up just being chars themselves or end up being added as a title to some one else, depending on the situation.
Name Role Basic Info
*Princess of Atlantis Main Player Atlantis Royalty Info
*King and Queen of Atlantis Main Players Atlantis Royalty Info
Royal Court of Atlantis Slightly Minor, but can be Major players Atlantis Royalty Info
Secondary Knights of Ceified
(Earth Dragon,Water Dragon, Fire Dragon, and Sky Dragon)
Minor-Major Knight Info
Knight of Ruby Eyed Major! (Mozaku) Knight Info

That's most of the Cast that's needed. However, Other Slayers Characters that weren't listed, such as Martina, Zangulus, Naga, any of the Dark Lords that were or weren't in the Anime may be used as well. Original Characters as well as Characters that haven't entered in the Anime, such as the Dark Lords and also Naga since she is rarely seen out of the OVAs, will need a profile.

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