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Quan's Dwelling

Quan's Dwelling is located near Treno. You must go through a lot of forest to get there. Take Vivi and Quina there to trigger an event. After the event, check the clock to get Running Shoes which allows the user to learn the Auto-Haste ability. If you have a Gold Chocobo and a dead pepper, then you might want to check the bucket near the clock for some goodies. Also go to the far edge of the cave (when your outside) until Zidane says that there is bubbely water below. You will then dive with your chocobo to get a treasure.(you need at least 2 dead peppers)

Ruby Intervenes

In the very begining when Boss says "and then we:" there are 2 choices, kidnapp Brahn, or kidnapp Garnet. If you click on kidnapp Brahn, not only is Boss's response comical, if you do it 64 times, Ruby will storm in.