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Cities, Dwellings, and Passages



Type of Ruler: Queen
Name of Ruler: Brahn Alexandros
Title of Ruler: Queen Brahn
Cause of Death:Battle with Kuja
Description:Queen Brahn's Black Mages gathered power while her naval fleet fired cannons. She also summoned the great eidolion Bahamaut. Kuja took the blow of the eidolion and captured it using the ship 'Invincible'. He turned Bahamaut on Brahn and her forces, defastating and killing the entire fleet. Brahn had managed to get to her escape pod but later died.

2nd Ruler Name: Garnet Alexandros 17th
Title of 2nd Ruler: Queen Garnet
Description:Current Queen

Boat Docks: 1)(name)
Air Docks: 0
Main Entrance: 1) Court Yard

Alexandria is a fairly large society. Although it didn't have much of an army to begin with, it later grew in power. The nation came under seige and was left in ruins but was later rebuilt. Though not poor, the nation is not overly rich.


Type of Ruler: Mayor
Name of Ruler: Mayor (name)
Title of Ruler: Mayor

Boat Docks: 0
Air Docks: 1:(More of a landing pad)
Main Entrance: 2

Dali is not much of a city. In fact it is more a village. Not a rich society. Nothing of real importance there except the mysterious things that have happened.