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To be honest, none of these questions are asked frequently, or at all, but I feel like making a faq, so thats what I'm doing now! And by the time you are reading it, it shall be what I have done! So, maybe I should just write that I did it... but I havn't yet... so I'd be lying... until I finished it, then I'd just be telling the truth prematurely. QUESTION TIME!!

QUESTION 1: What the hell was that all about just now?!

ANSWER : That is called diarrhea of the hand. Just ignore it.

QUESTION 2: What goes on here, anyway?

ANSWER : The primary focus of this hell-hole is to provide a place to put my RPG maker games for people to see, for what reason I'm not sure. The secondary focus is to accumulate as much useless text as possible as to clog up the information superhighway and force world communication to a screeching scratching halt! I like to put flash movies here, too.

QUESTION 3: Who the hell are you? You used to call yourself a General, now you're acting like a vampire!

ANSWER : WOW, you remembered! Actually, I'm a general from midievel India who was bitten by a vampire, so I'm still alive! Or maybe I'm still dead... I don't know.

QUESTION 4: Do you really think you're a vampire? Some people think they're vampires, and they're stupid!

ANSWER : No, I don't really think I'm a vampire. I think I'm a young, ugly, useless sack of unburnable trash that stands no chance of contibuting to the future of humanity in any beneficial way. So basically, I'm exactly like those people who think they are vampires, but I know that I am really just a half vampire, half werewolf. Long story...

QUESTION 5: You play Dungeons and Dragons and live with your parents, don't you?

ANSWER : Was it really that obvious?


ANSWER : ...

QUESTION 7: I want to bother you even more. How can I contact you?

ANSWER : Well, I do have AOL Instant Messenger, AIM Name "Lord Qtub Ayback". You can also email me at I really like hearing from people, and I enjoy hate mail just as much as friendly letters!

QUESTION 8: How come you hardly ever update this thing?

ANSWER : I'm a lazy man, my friend. A very lazy man...

QUESTION 9: About those Gilgamesh Flash movies... what the hell is Gilgamesh?

ANSWER : Gilgamesh is a half god half man who is the subject of The Epic of Gilgamesh, the sumerian myth credited with being the first story ever "written" by humans. Actually, it was chiseled...

The epic gives an account of King Gilgamesh and his quest for immortality, and contains such colorful characters as Gilgamesh, the worlds most perfect half man/god, Enkidu, a wild man whom Gilgamesh loves "as he loves a wife"(EWWWWWWWWW!), the prostitute Shamhat, Ishtar, the vengeful goddess, the stupid ogre Humbaba, and the Bull of Heaven, which gets its ass chopped off by Gilgamesh, who then throws its severed ass at the goddess Ishtar! This is possibly the greatest story ever written, if not for that reason alone...

QUESTION 10: Do you have something against Russian people?

ANSWER : NO! The Cosmonauts are just one of two factions in Dumastronauts. Thats all! There is NO POLITICAL MESSAGE BEHIND THAT GAME! It is a COMEDY!

QUESTION 11: Are you done yet?


QUESTION 12: I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. Tell me whats on the STUFF page.

ANSWER : The STUFF page is pretty much a dumping ground for my random crap, be it a flash movie, a picture, or something else. Its the most frequently updated part of the site, so check it often, if you don't want to miss anything you'll wish you hadn't seen...

QUESTION 13: What kind of Links are on the LINKS page?

ANSWER : Just whatever. Think of it as an escape route from my own personal hell.

Question 14: You sound really depressed. Whats your problem?!

ANSWER : I'm not depressed, but sometimes I like to pretend I am.