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Arraken Gamescape

Player Character Sheets and Stories:

This is a portion of the map for the Kingdom of Arraken. The Game uses the Chivalry and Sorcery (C&S) system and is run by Matthew Owen, it is played over the internet and in person. This portion of the map shows the independent free town of Nabroth Aries home to the Holy order of the Bow and the Sword, a close affiliation of green knights. Any current new campaign would be set in this region. King Ottar the Fop, is the current ruler of Arraken, he rules from the cosmopolitan city of Berelan to the South. Here in the North he does not have the best of reputations, he has sat by whilst Simmon the Snake, Primate of Berelan, created the inquisition, outlawing all practise of Magick by any but his own clergy. To avoid the burnings and torture of the church the once great guilds of magick have gone into secret and fled North. The lands of the more lienient barons and marquis of Arraken are now the haunt of the nations sorcery. Arraken is a kingdom created by the Peoples of Allein, a population of wanders who made this their home over 2000 years ago. The kingdom itself is young, about 560 years old and rose in the ashes left by the devistation of the Wizard Kings and their foul minions. Arraken judges its years since the passing of the dragon, the great drake Clourtheregge, lieutenant of the Wizard King Ergehd. If you wish to become involved send an email. I also run a puppet theatre that has a number of built plays, a section of the York Cycle, a Punch & Judy, an ancient Greek and Elizabethan puppet showcase piece, and a KS2-3 African animal show, I run workshops and courses. I have lived in Nottingham, Brighton and Cardiff of the UK, and in the West of the USA in Los Angeles, and Portland. I am now based in London and teach A level, GCSE and Key Stage 3 Science, Art and Drama.

More of Arraken & More Characters will follow anon

The novel, Arraken is also available from me personally as is a play, Patriots.

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