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Snap Walkthrough

The Game

You play as Todd, a master camera man on board a specialized vehicle that traverses the wild jungles of Pokémon Island. So armed with your camera, quick reflexes and a few items that you will earn along the way – your goal is to take as many beautiful pictures of Pokémons as you can! That basically sums up the game! Like in a real life safari – these furry creatures do not exactly hold a pose for you – so part of the challenge is to lure, attract, knock, frighten, feed and even “kill” in order for you to get a decent close-up. You get 60 exposures of film per location and the objective is for you to get the best shots of any given animal and get them assessed by Prof. Oak to earn points.

The Control and Tools


Start Button : Pause
- brings up  Menu Screen:

R  button : Use Dash Engine (secret  item that you earn from completing the Valley level).

C Button : Look Forward / Left / Right in 45 degrees increments

3 D Stick : look around

Z Trigger Button : set up camera

A Button : Take picture

Tools ( you will earn the tools as you progress)


A Button Use Apple Apple
B Button Use Gas Ball Gas Ball
C Down Button Use Pokemon Flute Flute
R Trigger Use Dash Engine Dash Engine


This is self explanatory as you fiddle around for the first time.


ALL THE Pokémon

I do not repeat any Pokémon species found in earlier levels. I am only listing new Pokémons found in subsequent levels.

Beach Tunnel Volcano
1. Pidgey
2. Pikachu
3. Meowth
4. Doduo
5. Butterfree
6. Eevee
7. Chansey
8. Snorlax
9. Scyther
10. Lapras
11. Kangaskhan
1. Voltorb
2. Electabuzz
3. Kakuna
4. Zubat
5. Magnemite
6. Diglett
7. Dugtrio
8. Haunter
9. Magikarp
10. Zapdos
1. Ponyta
2. Vulpix
3. Magmar
4. Charmander
5. Charmeleon
6. Charizard
7. Arcanine
8. Growlith
9. Moltres


River Cave Valley
1. Poliwag
2. Slowpoke
3. Slowbro
4. Bulbasaur
5. Shellder
6. Porygon
7. Psyduck
8. Metapod
9. Cloyster
10. Villeplume
1. Grimer
2. Ditto
3. Koffing
4. Jigglypuff
5. Weepinbell
6. Victreebel
7. Jynx
8. Articuno
1. Squirtle
2. Mankey
3. Geodude
4. Sandshrew
5. Graveler
6. Sandslash
7. Staryu
8. Starmie
9. Dragonite
10. Goldeen
11. Dratini


6.1 How To Progress (General)

There are only 2 ways of progressing  to the next level:
1. By earning sufficient points through your graded photos; OR
2. By activating a switch

You can only earmark one photo per species so choose well. The guide is divided into sections according to what you have at the moment. Go to the level you are at and find the guide with the amount of items you have for the best results.

6.2 The Beach

6.2.1 General

Progress Type : Earn enough points. If  you don’t – repeat ad infinitum until you do. The next level will open automatically. There are no hidden switches. What can be found

Many Pidgeys
3 Pikachus (2 hidden)
2 Doduos
1 Eevee
5+ Butterfrees
3 Meowth
2 Lapras
1 Scyther
1 Snorlax
1 Chansey
1 Kangaskhan

6.2.2   Just Camera

Animals to look out for (in sequence):

1. 3 Pidgey at the beginning
2. Doduo flying across from your left
3. Pikachu on your right
4. Butterfree
5. Meowth on the hill to your right – wait till it pounces for maximum points
6.Meowth running  out of bushes chasing after a Pidgey
7. A possible 2 Butterfree in a single composition near the bridge
8. Another Doduo from the bushes
9. Another Meowth chasing a Pudgey
10. Eevee on your left chasing the Chansey
11. Look out on your right for the Lapras out in the open sea (random : sometimes 2 will appear)
12. Kangaskhan that has his back towards you.
13. 2 more Pidgey and a Meowth.

6.2.3 Camera and apples

1. Feed Pikachu with the apples for a good close-up
2. Lure Pikachu to the surfboard with the apples. Try luring him in advance by throwing the apples ahead of him so that by the time it you pass the surfboard it'll be there for a good close-up.Can earn 5000-6000 points here!
3.Knock the Meowth to make them dizzy (not much points)
4. Throw apples at Kangaskhan at the end of the level to make it face you. Throw it in advance so that by the time your vehicle reaches that point he will be up close and facing you.

6.2.4 Camera with apples and gas ball

1. Gas Ball Snorlax to make him briefly take a peek.
2. Knock Meowth off the hill with the Gas ball to make it pose to you on the ground.
3. Continuously throw gas balls at the bushes where there grass is flying/scatttering in the wind to lure out :
a) a Scyther
b) 2 Pikachu. For added bonus quickly lure the Pikachus with apples for them to pose on the tree stumps. More points if you can get both Pikachu in the same photo. Easily 6000 points here!
4. Gas ball the white puff being chased by Eevee to turn it into Chansey

6.2.5 Camera with apples, gas ball and flute

1. Play the flute will make the all 3 Pikachu go into an electrical frenzy!
2. Gas ball Snorlax to wake it up and immediately play the flute to make him dance for you.
3. Gas ball Meowch on the hill as in, but this time play the flute to make him dance on the ground instead of its usual prancing.
4. Keep playing the flute to lure the Lapras closer. If you keep doing that and throw the occasional Gas ball in the sea -- they should appear very close at the cove near Kangaskhan. In fact both Lapras will sway to the tune of the flute. Shockingly close!


6.3.1 General

Progress Type : Activating a switch at the end of the level. Throw the Gas ball at the lone Voltrob just before  the end of the level to make it explode and open up the Volcano. You need an apple first before you can do this. Keep playing and Prof. Oak will eventually give you some. The faster you get decent scores, the faster you get your apples. What can be found

3 Pikachu
3 Electabuzz
3 Magnemites
Many Voltorbs
Many Kakunas
Dugtrio (hidden)
Zapdos (hidden ie. bird in the egg)
2 Zubats
2 Haunters (they look like floating Orbs. Take the pictures and their true form will be revealed.
1 Magikarp

6.3.2 Just Camera
----------------- Outside

1. Pikachu on your right. You can make Pikachu play with the Voltorb by taking its photo early. With every shot it will move forward and eventually climb on a Voltorb.
2. 3 Voltorb.
3. 1 Electabuzz
4. Many Kakuna. You can't get a good shot without the apples.
5. 1 static Voltorb to your left just before the First Door. Easy 4,000 points here. First Door

1. 1 Zubat. Flying straight at ya!
2. 1 Pikachu
3. 1 Magikarp that flies out of the pond to your right. Good 4,000 points here.
4. 1 Haunter just before the second door. Second Door

1. 1 Zubat
2. 1 Pikachu playing with 1 Diglett and Dugtrio. Depending on your focus -- you can get Dugtrio to come out.
3. 2 Electabuzz. Dont bother taking shots because they're too far away.
4. 1 Voltorb to your right just before the end of the Level
5. 3 Magnemite. Again no point without your items.

6.3.3 Camera, apples, Gas Ball and flute
-------------------------------------------- Outside

1. Close up on a Kakuna - Slow down the first Electtabuzz by throwing apples at it. This enables the Kakuna to slide down from the ceiling for a good close-up. Otherwise it'd be too afraid of the Electabuzz. First Door

1. Zapdos - Lure Pikachu towards the Egg with apples. When it gets close enough, play the Flute to make it go into an electrical frenzy and hatch the egg. This bird will trigger the projection screen at the next room. Second Door

1. Close-up on the Electabuzz - throw apples on their heads to make it face you and get close
2. Second Pokémon Sign -- Flute required to enable this sign. Look for it on your right just after the 2 Electabuzz.
3. Throw apples at the final Voltorb to open the Volcano environment.
4. Throw apples at the Magnemite to make them pose for you.

6.4 The Volcano

6.4.1 General

Progress Type : Earn points. No switches. What can be found

5 Ponyta (3 coming at you and 2 at the crater)
3 Vulpix
3 Magmar
2 Charmeleon
At least 8 Charmeleon
2 Charmander
1 Charizard (hidden)
1 Moltres
2 Arcanine (hidden)
1 Grolith (hidden)

6.4.2 Just Camera

By the time you get here - you would already have earned your apples.

6.4.3 Camera and apples

1. Prancing Ponyta -- throw an apple in front of them to make them pause and prance.
2. Lure the 3 Vulpix together with apples to get a good picture. Dont throw at it -- aim at a location where you want them to congregate.
3. 1 Charmander & 1 Magmar. Improvise on every visit. Throw apples to make the the Magmar burn the Charmander to turn it into Charmeleon. Or lure the Charmander to the extreme right with food -- it jumps up in elation once fed. Good points for an action photo.
4. Knock the Charmeleon into the lava pool at the very end of the level. It will turn into a Charizard! Once it does -- throw apples at it and it will spit flames!

6.4.2 Camera, apples, Gas Ball and flute

1. Pokémon Sign #3. See Section 7.
2. Get stuck behind the egg that blocks your path. Lure the Charmeleons on your left by throwing apples. You can lure about 10 in all. When they are in a bunch -- lure them towards you with more apples. Knock them on their heads with items and they will start "roaring" at you! And when u get the flute -- repeat the same process and when they are close play the flute. All of them will do a synchronised dance. Very cute!
3. Towards the end of the level you will see three small craters on your right. Gas Ball each crater (have to be quick) to lure out Growlithe and two Arcanine.


6.5.1 General

Progress Type : Activating a switch. Throw the Gas ball at hill-side where a sharp pointy nose is visible just behind the switch. A Porygon will burrow out and activate it.

6.5.2 Quick Tips.

1. Use Gas balls to chase the Poliwag on the right bank of the river to go forward. Once they hit the clearing -- throw apples and they will start scurrying towards you and dive into the river.
2. On the left bank -- look for 3 green Bulbasaur : 2 hidden in a trunk (you can just see their tops) and one hiding in a fallen log. Gas ball the 2 in the trunk to make them jump out and lure the one in the log with apples. Get all 3 in one good shot and there will be plenty of points.
3. You can make the green Metapod slide down from their perch by throwing Gas balls at it. Try and make the final Metapod block your path so that you can turn 180 degrees and have time to compose a good group shot of the previous Metapod.
4. 2 Slowpoke on the left bank. They dont react well to any forms of stimulation. I found that the best points are taken when they stand on their hind legs and moan. They do it automatically so dont throw anything! Just wait ..
5. To get Slowbro, throw apples to the right of the 2 Slowpoke to make them go to the brown patch. Once there they will stick their tails in the water to fish out Cloyster which will clamp on the them and turn them Slowbro.
6. With the flute you can make the Vileplume on your right dance.
7. There are 2 Porygon near the switch -- one green and one brown. The green one is harder to see but it's found at the leafy green banks. Look for a green pointy nose.

6.6 The Cave

6.6.1 General

Progress Type : Earn enough points. If  you don’t – repeat some of the levels until you do. The next level will open automatically. There are no hidden switches.

6.6.2 Quick Tips

1. The green Bulbasaur turn into Ditto when you Gas ball them.
2. You can get a good shot of the Grimer appearing to your right when you start the stage by using the Dash Engine. You can get real close to the third Grimer
3. Save the 3 Jigglypuff being chased by the Koffing. Save all three and they will sing to you at the end of the level.
4. Knock the Weepinbell into the pool. It will transform into Victreebel.
5. The Flute will make the two Jynx dance and hatch Articuno. Don't be too sidetracked by Articuno and forget to take the photos of the 2 Jynx as well.
6. You can knock the Zubat that has a Pikachu in its clutches. Afterwards a Pikachu on balloons will appear!

6.7 The Valley

6.7.1 General

Progress Type : Activating a switch at the end of the level. You will see 3 Squirtle and a Mankey at the top of a hill at the bend just before where the switch is located.  The key is to Gas Ball the last Squirtle ie. left most. Wait till it floats by and when it is in the right part of your screen, Gas Ball him to make him scamper up the hill and knock the monkey over. Now Gas ball the said monkey on the other side and he’ll stomp on the switch. Once you clear this level a scene will transpire telling you of the Pokémon Signs. Start on a previous environment and you should be getting the Dash Engine and Flute.

6.7.2 Quick Tips

1. Immediately at the start of the stage bombard the water in front of you with Gas balls. You will see 3 Squirtle appearing underneath the water's surface. Try to Gas ball them out of the water either to the left bank or the right bank. Once they're there, attract them with apples and get them together for a group shot. Try not to him the apples at them cos it'll make them dizzy and hence gives them less time to pose for you.
2. Knock the 3 Geodude clinging to the cliff on your right with Gas balls to make 3 Sandslash come out. Experiment on single shots -- take it when the Sandslash are in mid-air as they burrow out of the ground for good points. Alternatively get them all to burrow out quickly and get a group shot.
2. Knock the 2 clinging Geodude on the left bank of the river to make the Graveler fall down. Try to take a pic of the Graveler as it is falling down for an action shot. A Sandshrew gets bumped out of the ground by this falling Graveler so try to quickly lure it with apples to get a decent close-up.
3. You can make the three Graveler on the left bank drop down from their perch and stomp around in circles by playing the Flute.
4. The tip about the Staryu is to take a focused shot -- if u do corectly - it will spin around in circles and follow you. Do the same for all 3 Staryu and it will follow you to the whirpool. All three will emerge from the pool Purple in colour as Starmie.
5. Continously Gas ball the whirlpool to make a Dragonite fly out.
6. On your next excursion to the whirlpool -- concentrate on the water to the left of the whirpool with more Gas balls. 3 Dratini will jump out of the water.
7. At the whirlpool, knock the Magikarp flopping on the land back into the water by throwing apples at it. A Gyrados will then eat it!

7.0 Rainbow Cloud

7.1 General

Progress Type : Once you clear the Valley level – you will be told of the Pokémon Signs. It is now that a new sub menu will open under the Pokémon REPORT SCREEN. Find the 6 Pokémon images in the shadows of each level  to get to this stage. There is 1 Pokémon image per environment. You can only get here once you have all the items ie. apples, smoke-Gas ball, flute and the Dash Engine.

7.1.2  Where to find the 6 signs

After passing the first Pikachu on your right , look to your left and you will see a mossy rock structure which resembles like two curling palms and a head. Focus the middle and take many many shots. Although there are no animals in sight you will find that you can still focus and the subject will be labelled as “New”. Get the photo graded and it will automatically be matched to the Pokémon Signs.

Lure the second Pikachu to move forwards towards the egg by using apples. When he gets close enough play the flute and Pikachu’s electrical frenzy will hatch the egg. The bird will then fly to the contraption to trigger the projector mechanism. In the next room after passing the two tigers – you will see a projection  against the  rock wall. Take the photo of the image and get it graded!!

Ignore the horses and throw Gas Balls into the volcano pit on the left. When done correctly, the wisp of smoke that comes out is the Third Pokémon Sign!

Just above the dancing mushroom on your right– you will see a tree overlooking it. Look closely and you will find that the tree resembles the face of another Pokémon. Snap! Snap! Snap!

Locate the third Jigglypuff that is being chased by a Koffing. You should see something sparkling where they are – take the photo. Lots! It should develop into a ghostly image of another Pokémon!

When u start the level – just look forward. In  the distance you will see the 3 huge rock structures resembling the faces of  more  Pokémons.

That’s it! This will open the Final Stage where you can take photos of the elusive Mew!!!

This Snap Walkthrough is from The Psychic Pokemon Connection.

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