A Gamma World Hell Hole

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Xeva believes in living each moment to its fullest. She seldom obeys orders exactly as given and rejoices in taunting male PSH's with her open sexuality as if it were a game. Deep down Xeva dislikes bullies, always picks the underdog, is outspoken, hides her true feelings as if they were a big secret, and tends to look out for herself first, but has a good heart once you get to know her. Xeva has yet to tell anyone that the Gamma Girl named Rebecca who was killed on the roof of the UPS building was in reality Xeva's real sister. She hides her grief skillfully by appearing to he happy and upbeat.


Xeva is dressed in tight fitting leather clothes which reveal a lot of skin. She has numerous intricate blue tattoos and wears lots of make up and an ornate item in her hair. She has a lot of hair.

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