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Twoducks is so named because that is what his father, Wombatsrunning, saw when he first stepped out of the teepee with him (as a baby) in hand. It's a coincidence that he is a duck and Wombatsrunning saw ducks. His father was killed by a bald eagle whose name he does not know, but he does know its face. It is his mission in life to kill this eagle.

"Where I come from, the ducks and eagles fight over migratory landing zones. The eagles are very organized and better at battle than us ducks. But there's more of us ducks. So one day, the leader of the eagles, a bald one, killed my dad in combat. I was too young to protect him, and the eagle, who has six talons, spared my life out of pity. He spat on me and laughed and flew off, leaving me an orphan.

"I hadn't learned my mutations yet, but that incident brought them out, especially my physical control. Ever since, I've been training and preparing, and getting more weapons and skills for my eventual confrontation with the bald eagle."


Twoducks is a Cherokee warrior mutated duck. He wears a bandana on his head "like an Indian chief with two silver eagle feathers on the back in a 'V' formation."

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