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A Gamma World Hell Hole

A Gamma World® play-by-post adventure run by gammaworld_gm


Doctor Templeton



Other Stats


Doctor Templeton has a wide variety of spells (listed below), learned as a student of the arcana club, an organization created in the city to uplift, preserve and teach the ways of magic which have been lost to science. He is versed in several languages, Latin (used in spells), English, Spanish and Creole.



He was last seen in his own timestream on Royal Street, French Quarter, New Orleans, LA, United States of America, February 18, 1895. Doc Templeton appeared in this reality through a portal gate, summoned by his Arcana Club in New Orleans, in search of magic lore.

Doctor Templeton is adamant that technology, the explosion of the Industrial Revolution, caused the downfall of civilization. He seeks to bring magic back to the world. Templeton is always in the pursuit of knowledge rather than firearms. He detests anything that is not in the pursuit of knowledge, and will punish accordingly.

He hopes to find not only a way home, but the remains and future of that organization. He is well educated and has way too many manners, fine taste in wine and food, as well as a love of luxury over necessity, for an apocalyptic world of mutants.


Dr. Templeton is "a tall man with an immense cloak about him, shimmering in black with blue trim. The man wears a tunic and pants of a deep, comforting blue." The cloak is also described as being "midnight blue" and having "yellow embroidery."

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