A Gamma World Hell Hole

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His "occupation" is scavenger/self-proclaimed shaman of the old gods, hence the scraps of metal he carries. Each one, as far as he cares, symbolizes some spirit or deity from the past. He's more than a bit eccentric.


He is rather short for a mutant goat, and appears shorter because he walks with a perpetual hunch. His fur is greyish-blue, and he is missing patches of it here and there. What patches there are smell bad (real bad). He is wearing rags, though the way they are set suggests armor underneath, however his clothes as a whole, and indeed everything he carries, seem to have been taken from salvage. Festooned in various parts of his rags are several pieces of junk metal, which he seems to treat with a strange form of reverence. On his back is an old but sturdy leather backpack, inside of which seems to be a mix of more junk and the occasional genuine piece of technology.

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